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Study on National Defence Thought in Modern Times of China

Author LiuJunPing
Tutor HongXiaoXia
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Modern Chinese Defense thinking National defense construction. National Defense Education National defense and security
CLC E092.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Since the Opium War, China's national defense has experienced unprecedented damage and weaken. During which many thinkers, politicians think the defense. They have an important impact on China's national defense defense ideological and theoretical, laid the foundation for modern Chinese military thinking to keep the Evolution of the deep-seated; while also having a profound impact on China's economic, political, cultural and other fields. From the historical perspective, China's national defense thinking has gone through a process of development. From the Western powers naval threat to the Sino-Japanese War to the founding of the then superpower threat facing the United States and the Soviet Union, to the contemporary peace and development as the theme situation of the border territorial disputes, defense thinking from immature to gradually mature and systematic. There have experience and lessons could be summed up. Defense thinking, whether in our military history, or the history of thought occupies an important position. This article is divided into three levels to sort out for the Modern Chinese defense thinking and research. The first level is the first chapter, set forth the basis and conditions of the modern Chinese defense thinking in general. Pointed out that the ancient Chinese defense thinking for a modern national defense thinking provides a wealth of ideological information; modern national defense crisis has become the the Modern defense ideological objective reasons. The second level consists of three chapters, we discuss several important aspects of modern Chinese defense thinking, ideology of national defense construction, national defense education ideas and ideology of national defense and security. Modern defense thinking on the building. The key to the construction of modern Chinese defense from the purely military aspects to military, economic simultaneously, military thinkers of great importance to national defense and economic issues at the same time, to begin to explore how to build China's new national defense force. The third chapter is thinking on national defense education. Modern thinking on national defense education from the end of the Qing Dynasty, the development during the war, then gradually mature to the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh CPC Central Committee. The fourth chapter is the idea of ??national defense and security. Since the Opium War, China's peripheral security environment is changing also changed the thinking of China's national defense and security, mainly from the initial land anti-border ideological development to both new land Haiphong Haiphong thinking, and then the modern stereo defense thinking. Conclusion is the third level, in theory, to sum up for the Modern Chinese defense thinking, reflection and forward-looking. Defense thinking through the study of Chinese Modern period, revealing the history of the development of China's national defense law, trying to learn from their experiences and lessons learned, and combined with China's national conditions, rational thinking of contemporary China's defense principles and policies, so as to promote the cause of China's national defense development.

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