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Modern disyllable reduplication form study tour

Author XiongZuoYu
Tutor LiJingGuo
School Northwest Normal University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords Modern Chinese Overlapping two-syllable verb forms Constructions
CLC H146
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Research object of this paper is mainly \This thesis is based semantics, the main use of prototype theory and constructions theories that attempt to modern disyllable reduplication form of analysis and interpretation, in the hope of modern disyllable overlapping forms of the verb to do a little modest. First, we take the inductive method sorted out, \Ancient gt; five kinds of verb classes. In Mandarin verb entry and obligations as the primary object of study, according to the syllables can be divided into monosyllabic, two-syllable (including the children of the verb), three syllables, four syllable verb entry and justice, in accordance with the verb in all meanings collected based on recognition known overlapping sentences, and thus determine which meanings are based on the prototype cognition can overlap as ABAB, AABB, AAB-type verbs, which summed up the cognitive prototype of the two-syllable verb can be overlapping meanings of terms and the number of visits Can modern disyllable verb overlap with the actual situation, and with the related research results are compared in order to better understand the universal nature of the verb overlap overall appearance. Secondly, we have two-syllable verb overlapping categories studied, mainly from the structure type, semantic features, \Studies suggest that the structure of two-syllable verb types overlap simple words, compound words, and additional type three, of which two-syllable overlapping synthetic verb also includes \Vice-move \\In semantics, two-syllable overlap mainly action verbs action verbs, and mental activity verbs, existential verbs, judgment verbs, Modal verbs, verbs, which do not tend to overlap. In the \Again, from the perspective of cognitive grammar constructions disyllabic verb forms overlapping constituents and constructions of meaning that AB ABAB where constituents including outright Overlapping verb, \\where constituents AB include additional style, \] semantic features, its constructional meaning is action not quantitative, persistent and informality; AABB formula AB constituents include simple words, \① Fourthly, on the two-syllable syntactic reduplication, we mainly from contact with the words and their syntactic function studies. In connection with the study of the words, we believe that most of ABAB type can enter this sentence: the object ABAB; AAB where most of verb-object can enter this sentence: Through the Patient object B AA; AABB most of them can enter this formula sentence: the Patient object or thing AABB; syntactic function, two-syllable verb reduplication can be predicate, object, adverbial, complement, mainly as a predicate formula which ABAB, AABB type mainly for attributive and adverbial statistical material we found only one case of two-syllable verb forms can be used as a complement overlap situation, did not find the case for the subject. And through research and analysis of statistical data, we believe that two-syllable verb forms overlapping syntactic function primarily as a predicate. Finally, reveals Verb imbalance. With one hand, the vast majority of language sense verbs can overlap the other hand, the written language in reality it is difficult to find a lot of examples of overlapping verb. We tried to express the amount of the diversity of approaches, cognitive subjectivity, stylistic influence, writer's style, the verb own factors and other aspects explain why.

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