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Chip bus design applications and integrated SOC of C * Core

Author ZhouYanChao
Tutor FanXiaoZuo
School Northwestern Polytechnical University
Course Computer System Architecture
Keywords System on Chip IP Chip bus AMBA APB AHB Bridge C * Core
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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The subject comes from Suzhou Guoxin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. projects undertaken, the project's main aim is to use the existing mature design and implementation of the microprocessor market potential and great demand for microprocessor chips - A5101. The main purpose of thesis is to use existing on-chip bus design A5101 chip bus system, and on this basis on C ~ * Core series processors in the SoC integration of research and implementation. A5101 system uses the AMBA AHB / APB bus, designed Suzhou Guoxin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. A5101 chip bus architecture, the effective integration of various functions in order to achieve a powerful IP SOC chip. And as an integrated SOC bus expansion, the authors further study and implement C ~ * Core series processors in the SoC integration studies and implementation. The main research work and research results are as follows: ● research ARM's chip bus system - AMBA AHB and AMBA APB on-chip bus standard on-chip bus systems research to understand the various components of the function and coordination between the two bus systems work. ● Depending on the needs of the project A5101 AMBA bus architecture and design improvements for special designed based on a dual system bus AMBA bus architecture. Papers bus architecture designed for the simulation environment, were tested. ● Scalability for SoC chips were studied. C ~ * Core studied C310 series architecture, programming methods, the instruction set, data flow and other aspects, and focuses on the MLB bus. With independent intellectual property core countries to replace the microprocessor 32 8 8051 series processors. ● In the A5101 system based on the structure, just the C310 C ~ * Core replaced D805XX, change some of the bus structure, the bridge is designed MLB2AHB achieve MLB system and the communication between AHB system conversion. a) MLB2AHB bridge for forwarding MLB AHB master device emitted from the device on the transmission. b) MLB2APBB bridge for forwarding MLB APB master device emitted from the device on the transmission. ● establish policy environment, a) the development of the most important D805XX analog machines, and simulation monitor to achieve the pre-simulation, for the A5101 dual bus architecture systems were tested, b) provides a complete test platform C ~ * Core integrated test, designed for paper and MLB2APB MLB2AHB bridge simulation tests. The papers to achieve the use of standard on-chip bus to allow an on-chip system, the completion of the A5101 chip design, in this study based on the SoC scalability designed C ~ * Core bus MLB to AMBA system conversion apparatus MLB2AHB bridges, achieve scalability studies and C ~ * Core processors in the SoC integration.

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