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Research and Implementation of the high-availability file system backup solution in a SAN environment

Author WangZhengHua
Tutor ZhaoZhengWen
School Northwestern Polytechnical University
Course Computer Software and Theory
Keywords Storage Area Network File System High Availability Hot Backup Synchronous Copy Snapshot
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Storage area network (SAN) storage resources and server separation, can provide centralized management of 100 megabytes / sec high-performance data pipeline and shared storage devices, making data access, backup and restore security, efficiency, availability greatly improved, and at the same time without a significant reduction in network performance. Target or that the advantages of SAN storage to achieve massive data high availability (high availability), security (security), and the storage of high-performance (high performance). The design of the storage software should follow these three goals. SAN storage management software, how to manage and control the SAN storage resources, storage service to provide users with high-availability SAN studies recently one of the hot issues. SAN backup system software, system backup before only to achieve a disk-to-disk backup function, regardless of the availability of disk file system backup and some necessary Troubleshooting, storage, backup and file system access service between synchronization control between the database and the linkage difficult. The results of this type of system availability is poor, some even in the backup before artificially the abort file system data access service, to enable the user to inconvenience. Can not stop the high availability requirements during file system backup SAN backup file system access service that is hot backup; require a backup system to provide 24-hour backup and consider the necessary troubleshooting business data is frequently updated, and so on. This paper discusses the SAN environment high availability file system level backup program around the system requirements of high availability, SAN backup system problems, the following prominent design features: 1. Provide replication backup, snapshot backup two backup options items, and a variety of backup methods depending on the application environment, users can select a variety of backup programs. 2. Solve the problem of synchronization control the file system of the storage backup and uninterrupted service access, hot backup of a backup of the file system does not terminate the file system access business program, so that the level of SAN backup from logical disk (volume) level, jumped to the file system level. This is the key to improve and reflect the system's high availability. 3. Initially solved the more common PATH failure occurs, the file system backup process failure recovery issues. 4. Backup file system may use programs, making the backup data can be available immediately after the backup, and increase system availability. Based on the above design, we have developed a high availability backup system - FSBackup. System architecture and its core of this thesis, the system made expositions, especially the realization of the above four-point design, made a detailed description.

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