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Direct Effects of Soil Cadmium and Lead on Growth of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

Author ZhangShuBin
Tutor LiXiaoLin;FengGu
School China Agricultural University
Course Plant Nutrition
Keywords Mycorrhizal fungi Cadmium Lead Fungal growth Direct influence
CLC Q945
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Mycorrhiza is absolutely symbionts , leaving the host plant can not survive , and AM fungi isolated pure culture so far no significant progress . Therefore has long been concern plants than fungi, and how environmental factors affect the growth and metabolism of mycorrhizal fungi is very weak . The use of three rooms , five rooms root box system can not avoid the impact of environmental factors by the host plant , AM fungi growth , and therefore can not evaluate the direct effect of environmental factors on AM fungal . Improved sub- chamber culture method in order to exclude indirect effects of the host plant , AM fungi , the study of environmental factors on the direct role of AM fungi , the study of different heavy metals cadmium , set in the same host plant growth in the soil environment , lead levels mycelium growth chamber to study plant growth conditions , different cadmium , lead of Three Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (G.mosseae, G.etunicatum G.claroideum) growth and development the direct impact , in order to establish in the host plant nutrition growth status under the same conditions , the study of environmental factors on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi directly affect the new method , and in theory, to explore its feasibility . The main findings are as follows : low concentration of cadmium (5 mg / kg) has a stimulating effect on the growth of three mycorrhizal fungi , but cadmium impact of the mycorrhizal fungi G.mosseae the different growth time , cadmium resistance belong to the aftereffect type strain . Three mycorrhizal fungi react differently to the heavy metals lead , low concentration (100 mg / kg) the lead only the mycorrhizal fungi G.claroideum and stimulate the growth of G.etunicatum , all lead treatment has not affected mycorrhizal fungi G mosseae, growth , instead of promoting the growth of this fungus mycelium , show that of mycorrhizal fungi G.mosseae to Pb strong resistance . In the test, each mycelium chamber can collect different weight and length of AM fungi , indicating that different processing with embedded mycelium chamber culture method is feasible , it is possible to obtain the direct impact of environmental factors on the mycorrhizal fungi the real situation .

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