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The Tragedy of Yan Geling’s Writing

Author CaiZuo
Tutor ZhaoJiangBin
School Ningbo University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Concept of Tragedy Tragic Implication Tragic style
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Yan Geling Although fame in the 1990s, but in fact her novels began in the late 1980s, today nearly 30 years. Her pen stopped working, works constantly, and always maintained a strong creative attitude. This allows to the Yan Geling become one of the best female writer in today's overseas Chinese literary especially distinctive sense of tragedy in her work, brings another round of chic Chinese literary landscape. Yan Geling's creative themes span relatively large, it comes to domestic anti-Japanese, the Cultural Revolution, as well as overseas theme of emigration. Delve into a writer obsessed with the living conditions of the people concerned about and the layers peel traumatic life experience, therefore, to explore the plight of human beings to survive in a variety of extreme background to show people in the survival and spiritual, mental and spiritual aspects the various tragic awareness has become important to build the Yan Geling novel content qualities. In this paper, starting from the the Yan Geling creation tragic characteristics, analyze its content and style of the creation of tragedy, and her thinking for humanity and life in the context of particular times and cultures. Elaborate the papers from the following three parts: the first part, Treats the concept of the tragedy and its generation process. This chapter start to explore the reasons for the tragedy concepts generated mainly from Yan Geling's living environment and upbringing: First discuss the unique experiences from their childhood, marriage and immigration, followed by analysis of the system after studying overseas learning and creative thinking her creative concept formation. The final conclusion is the tragic implication Yan Geling works and her tragedy concept is closely related. The second part, Treats the creation tragedy implication. This chapter is a three-pronged approach discusses the tragedy of Treats the creation connotation: the tragedy of love, the human tragedy and the fate of the tragedy. Love tragedy mainly to the disillusionment of love between men and women in the presence of the spiritual and sexual conflicts, and contradictions of of gay love hearts conflict; human tragedy mainly from two aspects of the Cultural Revolution theme and the theme of emigration overseas to explore, trying to The show is a special era, humanity distorted and deformed in the social and cultural context, and survival of the human predicament; Tragedy expression on the fate of the helpless, the man has never been able to master their own destiny, this is the ultimate destiny of mankind. The third part, Treats the creation tragedy aesthetic characteristics. Three aspects of this chapter is mainly from the works of the style, tone, mood to discuss the tragedy of its creation characteristics: 1. The calm sadness \Tragedy realm. Seclusion level integrated this article, Treats the works of various shapes tragic writing, has gone beyond the mundane description of the appearance of the dead, penetrating historical fate and earthly survival time and space maze, extends into human soul, from tragedy sexual representation of survival convey the philosophical thinking of the life and the life of society. This paper attempts to Western theory of tragedy, life philosophy and psychology theory is based on the same flight, from the external world and the internal structure of the Creation, interpretation, combined with a focus in the theoretical interpretation based on the text, to the tragedy of Yan Geling's novel connotation and holistic care.

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