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Rearch about the Images of Vicious Mother in Modern Chinese Literature

Author PengYing
Tutor ChangBin
School Hebei University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Modern Literature vicious mother study of human nature
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The image of the evil mother in the history of literature isthe traditional image of the ideal mother rewritten. The emergence of the evil mother of subject matter has also widened in the development literature. The mother of evil to shape the image of success, it shows that human nature of modern writers to explore the mother’s deep-rooted, to some extent on the rich literary figures of modern art galleriesChapterⅠ:Research. Image of case studies of mothers found that the shackles of propriety, money, alienation, lust of the disruption, the destruction of humanity, such as the distortion caused motherhood. The richness of the mother image in the study, rational look at the mother, a rebound from the negative maternal evil, revealed in a patriarchal society Survive Another mother the truth, so that has always been the conceptualization of a single image of the mother and reconstruction can be added.ChapterⅡ:alienation and transgression. First of all, to kill evil people defined as a dynamic force of life. Is accompanied with a series of pain and confusion, with some destructive. Secondly, the definition of the identity of the evil mother, not only refers to the mother of blood at the same time also includes the mother of the ethical sense. The nature of definition, "evil" is not the most heinous of evil,The text of the evil involved in the home are many means of livelihood because of the unreasonable and non-normal variety of factors such as emotional experience, and in personality and psychological aspects, with varying degrees and twist the image of the mother lesion. Writing bad mother, reveals the man the right to social and cultural suppression of crime against women. Confucianism has demonstrated suppression of the desire to have the mother’s emotional attitude and distortion aberration formation of motherly love.Finally, the review of "evil mother", to examine maternal indifference and selfishness of these mothers at the psychological aspects of personality and degree of twist and disease as the "evil mother-in-law," mother-in-law by the competition for the same from, conflict, cycle, but also under patriarchy, women a product of the system of oppression of women. ChapterⅢ:sink and fracture. In the case of Zhang Ailing’s work, first of all, a "bad motherphotomap" to show their small living space and living conditions difficult. Secondly, the twist of a mother and her daughter from the desire to start a conflict, money perspective, sexual repression, a mother and her daughter Electra Complex conflict under study, showing the work of "bad mother" the truth survival. Finally, to explore the formation of maternal causes of evil. From the money, and sexual repression, and other aspects of restraint, the right man to reveal the alienation of female society, but also for women to reflect deeply on their own.Look at the traditional culture from the accumulation of ugly maternity and weaknesses of human nature. Revealed that both the mother is a beauty, the special economic with cultural groups.

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