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A Victim of Patriarchal Conventions

Author WangYing
Tutor LiShuXue
School Hebei University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche Patriarchal culture Victim
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Tennessee Williams is one of the most representative playwright World War to the 1960s, the masterpiece \Dubois isolated, vulnerable women tragic image, and has won three major theater awards: the Pulitzer Prize, the Donaldson Award and the New York Drama awards. Hero Blanche character traits and tragedy experienced reviews has always endless, but the conclusions are quite different. Some critics the play as a morality play, Blanche was punished because of their own sexual promiscuity; was convinced that the story of Blanche concentrated expression of the experience of the individual does not have a wide range of social significance; addition, Tennessee Williams is often seen as a dramatist committed to the psychology of the characters portrayed. Tennessee I have to admit that he is a man who likes personal life integrated into his creative writer. Therefore, the paper introduces the the Tennessee family background and his personal experience, that the drama is largely autobiographical: writer his mother and sister as the prototype successfully created a heroine Blanche throughout the play The conflict between the male and female reproduction of the contradictions between their parents. Williams in the play showed sympathy and concern for women living in disadvantage enable readers to find the basis of analysis of the play from a feminist perspective. Throughout the tension due to play the hero and heroine Blanche and Stanley, resulting in over the years, the interpretation of the tragic fate of the heroine superficial. In this paper, in the second chapter refuted some of the patterns of a single means of psychoanalytic theory to explain from the perspective of psychological analysis point of view of the tragedy of the of Blanche tragic character and fate. Of a recognized psychological analysis helps the deep understanding of Blanche's inner conflict, in-depth social background, from a social point of view expounded the necessity of the tragic fate of Blanche. The analysis of the root causes of the tragedy of Blanche in Chapter III trial from a sociological point of view, that patriarchal culture and patriarchal discourse is the real shape, repress and destroy the real source of Blanche. Heroine succumbed male social norms imposed on their bodies into his or her own values, but suffered very huge impact of the concept of patriarchal culture is the cause of the ultimate source of the heroine tragedy. Based on this conclusion, the paper further in the fourth chapter analyzes the direct cause of the the Blanche ultimate destruction. Stanley Kowalski and Blanche constitutes a drama major contradictory opposites, and thus become the primary object of analysis. Stanley and Blanche causes of the conflict and a concrete manifestation of the readers to see a person with a strong notion of a male-dominated patriarchal cultures in the process of maintaining their dominance in how to speed up the traditional women as a disadvantaged and helpless and men the opposite of the \Stanley Blanche from the beginning, disgust and suspicion to later verification, to expose and violence, and gradually pushed her into the abyss of disillusionment and spiritual collapse. Sister Stella and Blanche was once considered to be the last straw Mickey as the character to survive in a patriarchal society, and Blanche have a profound brotherhood or love, but it can not be avoided to conform to the patriarchal social customs at the crucial moment, ruthlessly discarded Blanche, also contributed to the tragedy of Blanche important factor in the social prejudices of the essential difference between Blanche and Stella and Mitch. It can be said that the play Blanche, Stanley or Stella or Mitch are the victims of patriarchal culture under the influence of varying degrees. Stanley, Mickey, and many did not show up characters (such as principals, Mr. Greif, businessman Xiao) represents a strong patriarchal society and patriarchal culture, actor and full of material desires, ruthless real world The direct cause heroine tragedy, the main reason. In the case of this reality, Blanche's tragic fate is inevitable. On the description of the heroine's tragedy, the playwright Tennessee Williams presented to the reader a highly patriarchal culture and the forces of evil image of women tortured and eventually a nervous breakdown. Blanche's tragic fate is not unique in this living context of the patriarchal society would have a large number of women such as Blanche's tragedy. It seems that Tennessee Williams is a rich humanistic spirit of social dramatist.

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