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On the Tragedy of Women’s Motherhood in D.h.lawrence’s Short Stories

Author ZhouZhe
Tutor WangSongLin
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords motherhood tragedy alienation sexual repression Oedipus complex and Jocasta complex
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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This thesis aims to discuss the women’s tragedy in the short stories of D.H.Lawrence from the perspective of motherhood. Motherhood is highly praised by many scholars, and is also advocated as lofty characteristic of the female. People have already been accustomed to associating motherhood with love, selflessness, tenderness and so many commendatory terms, however, few people realize the harm of the motherhood to women.This thesis consists of four parts: Introduction, The meaning and expression of motherhood, The repression of motherhood and Conclusion. The Introduction gives a brief survey of the worldwide research on Lawrence’s short stories and an account of the intention of writing this thesis.The first chapter expounds the concept and expression of motherhood from three parts. The first part explains the concept of motherhood; the second part explores the causes of motherhood which result form many factors, including the physiological factors, psychological factors and social factors; the last part of this chapter illustrates the expressions of the motherhood, which are found in love for other people, dreams for marriage and the expectancy on their children.The second chapter analyzes the repression of motherhood from three aspects. The first aspect deals with the alienation of the female. Owing to the influence of social propaganda and education, the women experience the other but not themselves, and they marry for the sake of marriage, marriage is just a responsibility out of their destiny. The second aspect is from sexual repression. Firstly, women are in a sense quite similar to a prostitute in the families. They exchange their bodies or their beauty for the money and the chance to live in the society. Secondly, they suffer the sexual repression because sex is the way to be pregnant, is the only method to finish the natural obligation of being a woman. The third aspect is from the negative effect of Oedipus complex and Jocasta complex, the child is the treasure they have, but too much love for their children brings about the Oedipus complex and Jocasta complex, and both two complexes are likely to do harm to the mother.The conclusion highlights the findings in the previous chapters, and concludes that motherhood is the root of the tragedy of the female in Lawrence’s short stories.

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