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A Study of Existentialism in the Sun Also Rises

Author XingQian
Tutor DuanXiaoYing
School Hebei Normal
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Existence precedes essence Since for free Anxiety and self-deception Awareness
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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\Is the most able to express the author of a work attitude about the war. In the creative process of the novel, Hemingway by many factors, which, existentialism is the most profound impact. Hemingway tried his savoir-faire policy and his existentialist point of view expressed by the novel to the world. Sartre's existentialist philosophy as a starting point, mainly from the \Exist in nature \choice, it is a purely a manifestation of the essence, and ultimately the formation of human nature. Showing different personality. This is the core idea of ??existentialism. But this \In turn, anxiety, freedom and responsibility he advocated concomitant and \Essence, this is the \The result will inevitably lead to people not in the real world to find their place and lose yourself, to look at the world point of view and attitude has been distorted. In the process of self-help, sufferings, confused, lost, because they can not be spun off from the real world, they tried hard to escape. They can only choose to self-deception in exchange for a temporary psychological calm, but destined ultimately ended in failure. This is precisely reflect the existentialist Another theme of \\For the role of ideology in the novel \Hemingway inspired from their own experience, to the novel shape of the background of the war, by the novel talk caused by the war of physical and mental harm. But also to create the characters in the novel face brought about by war and persecution of the spiritual atmosphere. In Hemingway, war is the root of evil because it destroys his normal life and faith to make it fall into a confused panic. After the war, Hemingway left the United States to Paris, France in search of a new life, this is an urgent requirement for Hemingway. Existentialism meet and satisfy the requirements in terms of ideology. Existentialist interpretation of \practical significance. Refraction of this behavior is precisely shows the human freedom of choice, that is, from their behavior. Existentialism for people to pave the way toward a future, through this way, people can find and seize the hope of life, though only an illusion. Is undoubtedly a strong spiritual support for those in grief and despair. And help them to work for the future survival. Hemingway novel \The role of dialogue to discover. The role of personality traits is not through the traditional way to show to everyone, but through their own consciousness - Select - negative - then select \reflected in the presence of. The thesis includes four parts: The first part outlines the writing of the novel context of war and state Sartre there are core concepts in Marxist philosophy and its current review of the literature on the novel \Second part of the existentialist perspective focus on exploring the absurdity of this theme of \the uncertainty of positioning itself or the realization of personal value. And pointed out that the first human does not have any value, but to create their own value and nature of freedom of choice by the behavior in order to determine the meaning of life. Given their own choice through their own behavior absolute freedom and the value created by the presence of greater significance. The third part focuses explore Sartre Philosophy from the analysis and interpretation of the novel character of ideology: \and despair, only to realize their own temporary relief from the hedonistic self-deception. The last section argued that absolute freedom of choice and behavior based on the existential choices and how the behavior of the characters in the elaborate fiction dominated by the sense of freedom, as well as Sartre's theory of the value of existentialist philosophy, interpretation of the new value of the novel role of love tendency and yearning for a new life and efforts.

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