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Chemical Constituents and Antioxidant of Pongamia Pinnata

Author HuangXinBi
Tutor LongShengJing
School Guangxi Medical University
Course Medicinal Chemistry
Keywords Pongamia Chemical composition Flavonoids Flow injection chemiluminescence Antioxidant
CLC R284
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Pongamia pinnata Pongamia Pinnata (L.) Merr. ( Synonym of Pongamia glabra) is a the Mangrove plant legume Pongamia genus is in one of the five kinds of semi- mangrove plants in Guangxi has traditional medicinal value of plants . Foreign scholars to the compounds isolated from Pongamia main flavonoids, flavanone , chalcone and triterpene domestic Pongamia few reports , especially the leaves have not been reported . Starting from the raw materials easy to obtain and the plant protection point of view , we have chosen Pongamia pinnata leaves the study of the chemical composition and biological activity , through research , we hope to find out in China and abroad Pongamia leaf chemical composition and biological the activity of the similarities and differences , and to provide a theoretical basis for the rational development and utilization of Pongamia medicinal value . Pongamia leaf MEALS 75% ethanol extraction, and then after the petroleum ether, chloroform , ethyl acetate and n- butanol and the like polar solvent extraction , divided into four different polar fractions . Then by silica gel column chromatography , polyamide column chromatography, macroporous adsorption resin and dextran gel (Sephadex LH-20) , a variety of chromatographic separation means consists of 10 compounds were based on chemical and spectral the method determines a 9 wherein the structure is: n - dodecanol , dandelion terpene alcohols , Pongamia prime , stigmasterol , pongaglabrone pongachromene Pongamia flavin , Vitex prime , n- dodecanoic acid . Which n - dodecanol , dandelion terpene alcohol , vitexin being an thirty-two and carbonic acid isolated from this plant for the first time , in another compound structure is identified . Antioxidant Activity of Pongamia not yet reported flow injection chemiluminescence method , we made ??a study of the antioxidant activity of Pongamia pinnata leaves and stems , experimental results show that : Pongamia pinnata leaves and stems have antioxidant The activity leaves strong anti- oxidation activity in the stems, leaves and stems lipophilic parts of antioxidant activity is stronger than that of a water - soluble parts . The middle of the lipophilic parts of the chloroform extract (# 3 ) and leaves the ethyl acetate extracts ( # 4 ) the strongest antioxidant activity , their IC 50 are below the vitamin C , having the strongest anti oxidation. The experimental results suggest the Pongamia folk for the treatment of rheumatism , rheumatism pharmacological mechanism may be related to its antioxidant effects .

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