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Peng Liyuan’s Singing Art

Author LiMin
Tutor ZhangXiaoNong
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Musicology
Keywords Peng Liyuan Art of Singing Inherit Innovation
CLC J616
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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From the fifties and sixties to the early 1980s, China's vocal music folk song singing what should be what it is like, it can be said that has been in a \Uncompromising, a matter of opinion, today. 1980, the first national folk songs evolve, the 17-year-old Peng Liyuan can be described as \Her national vocal music singer brought a breath of fresh air, the vocal music predecessors and experts really excited for a while. A lot of people say: \Due to a singer's concert, the national vocal music community long-debated view of the unanimous conclusion to say that this is a miracle. For many years thereafter, Peng Liyuan artistic development, confirmed she has unquestionable strength. Her different from ordinary people skills, talent and outstanding artistic practice, laid in the National Vocal Music community. Peng Liyuan excellent opera performing artists, singers. Her success, not only is her personal success, but also the nation as a model of the vocal tradition of excellence. Nourish her exuberant vitality of the art of singing, it was thousands of years Chinese nation's fine traditional culture, Peng Liyuan singing style, features, and some of her artistic growth path in the experience of the summary, our younger generation vocal arts learning will definitely help. In this paper, the author will be divided into three parts, from their own perspective, Peng Liyuan singing art Preliminary. , Formed in Bocaizhongchang the distinctive characteristics Peng Liyuan art growth path, after a period of enlightenment, development, mature. Shandong Province, School of Art from 1976, very accomplished in the traditional music of the nation of Wang Yin Xuan and gold evening teacher Peng Liyuan national vocal music has laid a solid foundation. The early 1980s, Peng Liyuan, under the guidance of Mr. Jin Tielin, successful exploration and practice the scientific vocalizations to the performance of Chinese folk songs singing and Jin Tielin teacher Lin founded the \. In 20 years, Peng Liyuan unswervingly in Chinese Vocal road development, open up with, in the process, Peng Liyuan, who embodies the past serve the present and foreign things serve China, inheritance, and learn what is beneficial to the development of Chinese Vocal things as I used to. This is not only her personal success is also the success of the Chinese National Vocal Music. Inherit the fine tradition established the subtlety of articulation unique style, hot emotional, unique Runqiang, Peng Liyuan singing characteristics, and these characteristics precisely reflects the aesthetic characteristics of China's traditional vocal art. Peng Liyuan concert features, we

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