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University Physical Education undergraduate Gymnastics Required Course content integration

Author ZhangYunBang
Tutor TongZhaoGang
School Yangzhou University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords PE major generally required gymnastics course contents integration research
CLC G832
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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With our country’s basic education PE curriculum reform moving ahead in depth and the social mass fitness industry developing at full speed, people bring up even more demands for PE major talent cultivation. Under the deep influence of the background of this era, Curriculum reform of PE major has to accelerate, so the basic subject in traditional should stand in the breach. Therefore this article draws support from publishing of the new round gymnastics-type course guiding outline, uses the general gymnastics course contents of undergraduate P.E major as the study object by means of such research methods as documents, surveys and so on, presents the research of the optimization and integration of general gymnastics course content. The results show that the general gymnastics course for PE major in our country occurs some change with the development of society in the over half century, Now it is going along the direction from following into original Russian sports gymnastics teaching frame system to possess our country gymnastics teaching feature. But in course content, there is no substantive change and still takes the traditional sports gymnastics teaching content as the thread. The knowledge of the theory content is outmoded, the structure of the practice content is single, lays particular stress on traditional apparatus gymnastics teaching, ignores such development of the function as gymnastics movement fitness, amusement, practicability, etc, lags behind the society development and the reality needs of middle and primary schools gymnastics teaching. This kind of course content system leads to the deviation of course teaching goal and the society reality needs, neither the movement technology nor the teaching ability is ideal, students are difficult to meet the needs of gymnastics teaching with society development at present. By surveying the three areas gymnastics-teaching situation of middle and primary schools in jiangsu province, The launches of gymnastics teaching in the middle and primary schools are still not optimist at present, most P.E teachers are generally inclined to selecting those easy, amusement, practical gymnastics materials, but give up to those difficult, dangerous gymnastics on or with apparatus contents, most teachers think the general gymnastics course content should be build up again from expanding the gymnastics function.So the present general gymnastics course content must be optimized and combined, should be based on actual need of gymnastics teaching of the middle and primary schools at present, combine the spirit of gymnastics type course guiding outline, use the view of the integration theory, proceedto integrate the theory part and the technological part of practice of the general gymnastics course content respectively. Based on investigation into experts, the frame model of the general gymnastics course content integration is: the theory part sums up with gymnastics summary, gymnastics jargon, gymnastics teaching and fitness guide-methods, organization and referee of mass gymnastics contest; Technological part one is divided into fitness vigorous and graceful type gymnastics, life skill gymnastics, interesting skill gymnastics, practical apparatus type gymnastics and gymnastics expand five categories to put into practice by classification and plank. To carry out this kind of course content structure system that enhanced its systematization, blends with the whole, permeates and melts, must promote the process of reforming the general gymnastics, certainly will require us to break the constraint of the traditional thinking idea, establish the course view of" big gymnastics ", accelerate the innovation of the general gymnastics teaching mode in new period, seek the scientific, rational teaching method and evaluation system, thus constantly raising the teaching quality of the general gymnastics course, to train qualified compound sports talents for the society development and PE teaching of the basic education, guarantee the gymnastics teaching activity of middle and primary schools to sm

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