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The Historical Investigation and Value Analysis of the System of Plea Bargaining in the United States

Author JinKeHong
Tutor YangLiYing
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course Legal
Keywords the United States Plea Bargaining the value
CLC D971.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The 19th century, american crime, criminal high, serious criminal cases of arrears. thus, some big cities in time of the prosecutor and effectively deal with the backlog of cases, trying to the judicial practice adopt the practice of dealing with the defendant to plead guilty in the case of the commitment to reduce charges will be a crime, or reduce the number of crimes, or to judge a more favourable to the decision of the proposal. Because of the transaction can effectively reduce the burden of pressure, to save the costs and enhance efficiency and criminal justice, therefore, in america most of the state to apply. besides, the transactions of the judicial system has broken down the legal and cultural traditions in the world of difference, many countries have extensive use and development.Appeal system in the business has grown in strength, the question of vitality, and in many countries of the world of criminal prosecution system is a far-reaching impact, it is a think about the problems. currently, the analysis of the trading system, the legal profession on a hot, could you introduce and how to introduce the system became the focus. Only to the aspirations of the trading system of history and value for adequate knowledge and thorough analysis, could better to know and to solve our country, and how to answer whether the introduction of the trading system problems. at present, the scholars about the historical evolution of the trading system of certain basic problem is still differing views,for the trading system of the world in many countries and regions of the application is still not fully understand, the aspirations of the exchange of value still need to be further detailed discussions. therefore, I tried to appeal to the trading system, development stages of a brush and analysis of the world trade system in different countries, finally to the transaction value of the system of a comprehensive analysis, the related to academic research to provide some thinking.This quote, in conclusion, is divided into four parts.First part of the united states of the trading system. the case of transactions, the meaning of the trading system of the historical reasons.The second part of the united states of the development of the trading system. through to the aspirations of the trading system development, the answer to my complaints system is how to deal with a private status to public and eventually become a national law judicial system, and what is done with, and efforts.The third part of the united states v. trading system on the other countries affected. with britain, canada, australia, germany, italy, spain, the taiwan region and other countries and regions to the aspirations of the trading system. analysis of the provisions of the business systems in different national differences.The fourth part of the trading system. the value analysis mainly from the trading system of its own limitations and rationality wait for two aspects, "the conclusion of the trading system has its advantages to the defendant and the judicial system and social public interests, this is all benefit from the trading system of appeal.In the writing paper and i adopted the historical textual analysis and research in history.

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