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On Ambiguity in Graphics Design

Author ZhangHuiFeng
Tutor LiJianShe;ShangShuiFa
School Henan University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Graphics Ambiguity Visual thinking Image thinking
CLC J506
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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The current era is a highly modernized and information-based society, in which thedevelopment of economy and the progress of science and technology have urged anincreasing communication of information among the countries in the world. Graphicsdesign, an activity which embodies the time spirit of a given period, space and culture,is laid a higher standard by our society. So how to create graphics, which well informthe information, enlighten people and give them a sense of beauty, become basicprinciples in modern graphics design. However, researchers of graphics design, who are always accustomed to focus onits following characteristics, such as the accurate transmitting of information, thecross-national boundaries of cognition and the direct exchanges of thoughts, oftenneglect the study of the ambiguities in graphics design, especially on the study of theintrinsic character upon the ambiguities of graphics. Aiming at this subject, the thesisintends, through a great deal of exemplifications and the systematic researches on theevolvement of graphics, the patterns, characteristics and visual transferring superioritiesof the ambiguities, the creation and the appreciation of the ambiguous beauty ingraphics design, to put forward that ambiguity is the important quality and the universalcharacter of graphics designs in order to create a new space for modern graphics design.Generally speaking, the author of the thesis not only tries to make the ambiguity ofgraphics design publicly known and accepted, but also carves out a new field for theoriginalities of graphics design. This thesis is divided into three parts: Part One mainly focuses on the general situation of graphics design. Graphics is aspecial language form, in which mankind can transmit information through visualimages. Actually this kind of language form can be traced back to the cave mural in theprehistoric period, which is the main method and the earliest way for people tocommunicate in long-distances and in history. And along with the development of thehuman society, the form of graphics design, influenced by modern art, presents adiversified trend. Moreover, as human beings are now living in the high-tech era, thisancient way of using graphics to express information has also gotten a new development,and gradually displayed its important functions in modern design. The second part mainly analyzes the token of graphic ambiguity. Existing as acharacter, graphic ambiguity not only reflects the complicated social milieu, but alsoclosely connects with the artistic identity itself. The author of the thesis elaboratelydiscusses the important causes, the manifestation forms and the prominentcharacteristics of graphic ambiguity. Furthermore, the chapter points out that theambiguity is the important quality of everything in the universe, not only including thenature, but also the human society and the thoughts of mankind, etc. Part Three comments on the commonness of graphic ambiguity and its pursuing ofreason. The author points out that we should search for the unknown form by employingour imagination and break out the traditional thinking mode. Meanwhile the chapterthoroughly analyzes the unique advantages of the ambiguity in graphics design, thecommonness of graphic ambiguity, the communication advantages of graphic ambiguityin vision, the creation and the appreciation of graphic ambiguity. Moreover, the authorassumes that the whole process of graphic transfer contains both the designers’ thoughtsand the receivers’ feelings, and presents the unique misty beauty that graphics own. In the end, the author generalizes the full text and puts forward that the ambiguityis the important character of graphics design, and it is the researching result on graphicsdesign from a special visual angle. Through large amounts of researches on thought, psychology, and visual sense, thisthesis has sought out the regulations and methods of ambiguity in graphics design, aswell as how to employ this special thinking mode on carrying out creations, and attainthe purpose of creative designs.

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