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Typical Study on Agricultural Land Valuation in Guizhou Karst Areas

Author LiKaiZhong
Tutor PengXianWei;XiongKangNing;WangJingRen
School Guizhou Normal
Course Physical Geography
Keywords Karst areas Agricultural lands Evaluation Typical study
CLC F301
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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The evaluation of agricultural lands in karst areas is a new problem in research, andthe theories and the method systems are still not perfect, so there exist many problems.But with the perfection of socialism market economical system, land market and landreform system, it is necessary for agricultural lands to be evaluated. So the study onthe evaluation of agricultural lands in Guizhou karst areas has the followingimportance. In the karst areas, it helps the perfection of agricultural land evaluationtheories, the tax settlement of agricultural land compensation, the expense settlementof agricultural land trans-contract and lease, the management of agricultural lands andthe reasonable exchange between agriculture and non-agriculture. With Huajiang, an area with typical natural environment and social economy inGuizhou karst areas, as the studying plot, the paper, through the typical study on therating of agricultural lands in Huajiang, studies the theories and methods ofagricultural land evaluation in karst areas, demonstrates the changes of agriculturalland price and its causes, and points out the current problems in actual work ofevaluation. On the basis of investigating data of society and economy in Huajiangfrom the year 1997 to the year 2003, geomorphical map with the scale 1:10,000 andthe land-use map, the paper selects 14 influencing factors, that is C1 to C14, as therating factors and, by the means of hierarchical analysis and cluster analysis,establishes the rank system of agricultural lands in Huajiang, and then, by the meansof income reversion and cost calculation, computes the agricultural land price inHuajiang in 2003. In addition, the paper calculates the prices in the years 1997 and2000 for the comparison of the prices from 1997 to 2003. By calculation, the paper gets such results in the year 1997 the land prices of ranksI, II, III and IV in Huajiang area were respectively 109,679,284 yuan, 49,643,604yuan, 2,132,197 yuan, 471,139 yuan,5,215,210 yuan, and the total price was167,141,434 yuan; and that in the year 2000 the land prices of ranks I, II, III and IVwere respectively 170,412,632 yuan, 131,539,327 yuan, 4,095,378 yuan, 904,932yuan, 8,630,886 yuan, and the total price was 315,583,155 yuan; and in the year 2003the land prices of ranks I, II, III and IV were respectively 385,767,706 yuan,221,957,743 yuan, 15,688,025 yuan, 1,256,850 yuan, and 15,026,682 yuan , and thetotal price was 629,697,006 yuan. By the comparison of the prices in the years 1997, 2000 and 2003, this paper thinksthat the price of agricultural lands in 2003 is a lot higher than the one in 1997, and thetotal price in 1997 rises from 167,141,434 yuan to 629,697,006 yuan in 2003,increasing by 276.75% and by 46.12% per a year. Among them, the increase from2000 to 2003 is the highest, up to 187.93% totally and 62.64% per a year. However,the increase from 1997 to 2000 is only up to 88.81%, and 29.60% per a year. Thispaper, through the analysis, thinks that the price of agricultural lands in Huajiangtakes on a positive relationship with the development of society and economy, thetransformation of land-use forms, the execution of returning farming to the woods orgrasses, the participation of science and technology and the improvement ofpopulation quality, with which the land price varies. The paper points out that typical study on agricultural land evaluation in HuajiangArea helps the researches of agricultural land evaluation in karst areas, the completeof its theories and methodological system, a better understanding its agricultural landresources for the importance of evaluation and the discussions on its theories ormethods. In addition, the paper thinks that the agricultural land evaluation in karstareas is still a new thing after all, and there exist the following problems, such as theestablishment of rating factors and land ranks in the evaluation, the applicability ofevaluating methods, the confirmation of the prices of naked rocks and unavailablewater, the amendment of land usage period, the settlement of the best land-use forman

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