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Study on Ideological and Political Education Particularity and Countermeasures of the Higher Vocational Technology College Students

Author LiChunLi
Tutor LiuShaoTing
School East China Normal University
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords higher vocational technology college students Ideological and political education particularity countermeasures
CLC G711
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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At present, the higher vocational technology education’s development of our country is unusually swift and violent; it has become the important part of higher education of our country. On one hand, student’s quantity increases sharply. The scope of school is widening constantly. The higher vocational technology education’s particularity、 the forms characteristics of students source、 the influence of large environment including society, family and school. It makes psychological characteristics、 ideological and political characteristics and behavior characteristics of the students directly or indirectly. Their values, outlook on life and world outlook are in the course of forming, we need more superb education methods and skills to them. In addition, the whole cultural dynamics that the higher vocational technology college students grow are worse .It is the objective fact that can’t be ignored either; Ethical quality is equally different. So, we can’t do the same standard, the same method in ideological and political education, and we should vary with each individual, adopt multi-level tactics according to different targets. On the other hand, the time of running of the higher vocational technology college is short. It lacks on systematic experience and tradition of ideological and political education to the higher vocational technology college students; The systems of running a school of the higher vocational technology colleges are comparatively special too, Education in pluralism of investment channel impels some schools to pursue the education industrialization as the first .The employing unit seldom regards students’ ideological standards and political awareness as an indispensable standard when they choose talents, The values have aggravated the disappearance and misplacing in ideological and political education of the higher vocational and technology colleges.This text analyzes the higher vocational technology education and the higher vocational technology college students’ own particularity deeply. It uses the comparing method to explain the similarities and differences of the ideological and political education between the higher vocational technology colleges and the ordinary higher schools. Pointing the problems, analyzing the problem and solving the principle of the problem, it catches the essence through the phenomenon. It should be to the present general plan of growing the ideological and political education of the higher vocational technology. I wish to discuss with people together genteelly and wish to offer reference for the higher vocational technology colleges’ ideological and political education of our country in this way.

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