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Biological Effects of Low Energy Ion~(12)C、~7Li and ~(60)Co-γ Ray on Rice

Author LuMing
Tutor TuNaiMei;LiuYunKai
School Hunan Agricultural University
Course Crop Cultivation and Tillage
Keywords Low energy ion 14C ion ~7Li ion 60Co-γ ray Rice Biological Effects
CLC S511
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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In order to discuss the feasibility of application of low energy ion on crop improvement and cultivation, and provide a reliable reference frame for crop improvement and high yield cultivation, biological effects of M1 generation rice after the seeds treated with different dosages of low energy ion ~14C、~7Li and induce source ~60Co- Y ray were studied, including germination characters of the seeds (germination energy and rates), aberration of root tip cell, pollen fertility, physiological-biochemical indexes (content of chlorophyll, POD activities, SOD activities, CAT activities) of plants and yield characters. The main results were showed as the follows:1. Germination energy and rates of the seeds treated by low energy ion ~14C and ~7Li were lower than the control values and increased with treatment dosages at first and then reduced, and the curves between the germination abilities or germination rates and treatment dosages present obvious "saddle shape". After radiated with ~60Co- Y ray the seed germination ability and rates both lower than antitheses data, and decreased with treatment dosages.2. After Rice seeds treated by 14C ion, 7Li ion and 60Co- Y ray, root tip cells brought obvious aberration such as: micro kernel, karyon conglutination, karyon abnormality, chromosome bridge, laggard chromosome, orbicular chromosome, chromosome separation unequally and chromosome poles abnormity. The types of aberrance appeared stochastic and there were all kinds of types of aberration in rice plants with treatment dosages. The total aberration rates higher than control values. There was a marked positive correlation between total aberration rates and treatment dosages. Under the same conditions, the total aberration rates of "A" was ~60Co-γ ray (higher frequency)> ~60Co- Y ray (lower frequency)> 7Li ion> 14C ion, and the total aberration rates of "B" was 7Li ion > 14C ion.3. There were few effects of 14C ion and 7Li ion on pollen fertility and pollen fertility neared to the control values. Pollen fertility reduced sharply.4. The rice plants emerged diversification after rice seeds treatments with 14C ion, 7Li ion and

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