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Concerning Incremental to Abolish the Death Penalty

Author ZhangKuiHai
Tutor YuGaiZhi
School Shandong University
Course Legal
Keywords abolition of the death penalty humanitarianism public opinion
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Death penalty as a deprivation of human life the most severe criminal penalties, is the product of a certain level of productivity, it is not always there, and will not last forever. With regard to the abolition of the death penalty, you can have multiple entry points, ethics, human rights, legal, social management, some of them elevated to a high degree of public safety and political stability. So the death penalty is not just a legal issue, or a social problem, but also a political issue. In this paper, the historical evolution of the death penalty and the play functions as well as the States to abolish the death penalty in theory and practice expounds the basic conditions for abolition of the death penalty and expounded the necessity of our presence at this stage the death penalty, but also demonstrated the limitations of China should gradually reduce the the application of the death penalty and ultimately abolishing the death penalty. In this paper, China’s current attitude towards the death penalty as the research object, some of them from the five discussed.The first chapter is an overview of the death penalty. That part of the death penalty through origin, evolution analysis, described in the history of the Western countries the death penalty cruel and people on the concept of the death penalty, as well as the changes in this concept, this chapter is also from the consolidation of the rule, low cost, high efficiency, fairness and justice, to prevent crime, four of the importance of the point of view of the death penalty is demonstrated by the heavy penalty to the playful, the death penalty will inevitably move toward the declining trend of history.ChapterⅡis to abolish the death penalty movement, the climax and trends. This chapter abolitionist movement through the theory, practice and exposition of the two factions battle argument, combined with the world, more than half of the actual situation in countries that had abolished the death penalty, abolished the death penalty demonstrates the general direction of history, if not abolished the death penalty also in accordance with their national The situation in the judicial field to limit and reduce the application of the death penalty. ChapterⅢis China’s legislative and judicial status of the death penalty. Of this chapter through our criminal law be sentenced to death in other countries retain the death penalty on charges of the number of comparison, demonstrated the harsh nature of China’s death penalty legislation. At the same time by the number of China’s implementation of the death penalty compared with other countries, once again illustrates the severity of my punishment, but also shows a result of the death penalty in China in the international field of human rights in which the passive position.Chapter IV of the basic conditions for the abolition of the death penalty. Abolition of the death penalty in the world, especially after the abolition of the death penalty is not repeated, the social security of our country, mostly in the economically more developed and politically highly democratic, people’s concept of human rights, human spirit to reach a certain height. This chapter through the successful analysis of countries abolished the death penalty, abolished the death penalty summed up the economic, political, social and ideological conditions, combined with comparison of the actual situation in our country come to our country at this stage not immediately abolish the death penalty conclusions.ChapterⅤis a short-term tasks of China’s abolition of the death penalty. Although China is not immediately abolish the death penalty, but does not mean we do nothing., This paper describes the present stage in the legislative, judicial and penal system reform in a bid limit, reducing the death penalty advocate, to move step by step close to abolishing the death penalty goals.

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