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The Significance of COX-2 Expression in Renal Cell Carcinoma and Its Relationship with Angiogenesis

Author LiuBo
Tutor SunZhiXi
School China Medical University
Course Surgery
Keywords Kidney neoplasms Cyclooxygenase Angiogenesis Microvessel density
CLC R737.11
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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ObjectiveResent several researchs suggested that cyclooxygenase -2 (COX -2 ) was overexpress in various carcinoma of epithelium, the expression of COX - 2 is high 20 - 80 times than normal level, some researchs indicated the overexpres-sion of COX - 2 maybe relate to urology tumors, but the mechanisms underlying the contribution of COX - 2 to tumorigenesis and tumor promotion is not clear precisely. The growth of tumor must experience a process of angiopoietic , whether COX - 2 influence the biological behaviour of tumor by angiogenesis is still unclear. This experiment used immunohistochemistry detect the express of COX - 2 and microvessel density ( MVD) in renal carcinoma tissue, to study COX - 2 correlate with the tumorigenesis and the tumor developmemt of renal, clinicopathological characteristics and neovascularization, which would open up a new pathway for the treatment and precaution of renal tumor.Materials and MethodsTumor group: Paraffin embedded tumor specimens were obtained from 34 patients who underwent surgery for renal cell carcinoma in Department of Urology , the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University from 1997 to 2000, and the diagnosis of renal carcinoma was confirmed by pathologist. 21 cases are male, 13cases female, and the age ranges from 35 to 73. Tumor grade was determined according to the criterion of WHO on cancer. 11 cases are of G1, 16cases of G2, and 7 cases of G3. While tumor pathological stage was determined according to Robson. 4 cases are of I , 17 cases of II , 8 cases of M and 5 cased of IV. Among of total , clear - cell carcinoma is 17 cases, granular cell carcinoma is 11 cases and 6 cases are admixture cell carcinoma. Normal control group: 15 cases of normal renal tissue were obtained from around of renal carcinoma. Immunohistoehemistry SABC method and HE staining were performed. Purchased positive control picture is used as positive control, and PBS solution replacing first antibody as negative control. Elndochylema is brown - stained defined as positive cell and to score according to percentage of the positive cell: 1 (0 -10% ) ,2(11 -50% ) ,3 (51 -75% ).,4(76 - 100% ). The score is exceed or equal 2 regrade as COX -2 positive. For MVD assessment, any single endo-thelial cell or cluster of endothelial cells was counted as a single microvessel. The five most highly vascularized areas ( hot spots) were selected under low magnification ( 100) , then the microvessel in every areas were counted precisely under high magnification ( 400). The mean value for five fields was regarded as the MVD for each tumor. All of data was analyzed by SPSS statistics software, the positive expression of COX - 2 and the relationships between the expression of COX - 2 in renal carcinoma and tumor grades and clinical stages were by chi - square test. MVD was denoted with x ± s, significance test was evaluated by T -test. Correlation between two indexes was analyzed by Spearman correlation test.ResultsThe positive expression of COX - 2 is 26 cases in 34 case in renal cell carcinoma and 2 cases in carcinoma around normal tissues. Positive rate of COX -2 was 76.47% and 13.33% respectively(P < 0.01). The expression of COX -2 in G1, G2 , and G3 were 72.73% ,75.00% , 85.71% respectively and the expression in I —IV were 50.00% , 70.59% , 87.50% , 100.00% respectively. The COX -2 expression was not significantly different in pathological grade and clinical stage ( P > 0. 05 ) , but the expression rate of COX - 2 was raised with increasing of pathological grade and clinical stage . The MVD was signifi-

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