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Social causes and prevention of female crime

Author ZhaoXueJun
Tutor LaiXiuGui
School China University of Political Science
Course Criminal Law
Keywords Female crime Social reasons Social prevention
CLC D917.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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In recent years, with the rising number of Chinese female crime female crime has become China's social problems can not be ignored, to explore and Prevention Strategy for female crime has become a widespread concern hotspot. This article is starting from the needs of the community, under the guidance of the sociological theories of crime on some theoretical issues of the current female crime in China. Text is divided into four parts: the first part of the first to review the history of female crime research at home and abroad as a starting point, a brief review of the study of the history of female crime; analysis of the female crime causes of female crime study theoretical perspective, learn from a theoretical point of view of the sociology of crime and social roles of women characteristics, combined with the special circumstances of the Period of Social Transformation and theoretical exploration of female crime problem. The second part, to explore the micro-social causes of crime of Chinese women in transition, from families, schools, non-performing exchanges to expand the discourse. Family of female crime disharmony two major factors, including family education misconduct and family relations and family education misconduct which mainly reflected the frustration of family education, family education incorrect, parents misbehaved three aspects; estranged family relationships main reflected in two aspects of domestic violence and deformity family. School female crime including education incorrect and the educational content unscientific two factors, which incorrect approach to education is mainly reflected in a single student evaluation standards of \aspects; educational content unscientific mainly the heavy intellectual light of moral education, sex education is not in place, the imperfect legal education three aspects. Adverse interaction of female crime, including the adverse interaction objects and adverse exchanges places the two factors, which, bad contacts in mainly reflected in two aspects of the adverse interaction of individuals and undesirable association groups; adverse exchanges place mainly in unhealthy places of entertainment and network aspects. The third part of the macro-social causes of female crime analysis in transition, social change, social and cultural perspectives described. The impact of social change on female crime, including changes in social status, economic factors, and social changes in the roles and population movement accelerated four elements. Social status change is mainly reflected in two aspects of the marginalization of female employment and female commercialization; economic factors reflected in the economic system loopholes, the negative impact of the market economy, and the female relative impoverishment of the three aspects; Social change is mainly reflected in the traditional collision female roles and role requirements; population flow acceleration is mainly reflected in the flow of women and the \Social and cultural impact of female crime, including cultural conflict and the spread of the two factors, cultural conflict is mainly reflected in the two aspects of the conflict of the conflict of different cultures, traditional culture and modern culture; cultural transmission is mainly reflected in the adverse cultural dissemination and information The two aspects of the explosion, \

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