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On the Formation of Citizen’s Legal Consciousness

Author SunChangCheng
Tutor LiuSongShan
School East China University of Political Science
Course Legal
Keywords Legal awareness Generate Franco-Prussian Awareness of the Constitution
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Specific content and a certain degree of awareness of the law, for the realization of the rule of law is indispensable. This article focuses on the basic law and the legal work generated by the legal awareness of citizens under the law of the ways and means to carry out legal advocacy and education. With previous studies, this article is to distinguish between two different levels according to the law itself contained legal awareness. These two aspects of law the mandatory normative level and legal level. Corresponding to the two levels, two different attitudes of people towards law, in the form of the concept of legal consciousness and therefore can be divided into intrinsic and extrinsic two types. The substance of the concept of legal consciousness refers to the kind of legal consciousness of the modern rule of law required by the citizens. This paper argues that the modern rule of law and the requirements of the legal awareness of the populations of the legislative, judicial, law enforcement and other government officials, and ordinary citizens are different. It allows some people, even most of the people hold the external attitude towards the law, but at least there are some people, mainly legislative, judicial, law enforcement groups, must possess a strong inner attitude towards law. Inner attitude towards the law, the distinction between the external attitude, but also can further distinguish between the different components in the awareness of the law: legal knowledge (including the specific provisions of the law, the actual operation of the law), as well as on the value judgment of the law. Discriminates the legal awareness of the concept of different levels and components based on the paper further explores the law of legal awareness generated to reveal the legal awareness generated two basic types: exogenous and endogenous. Exogenous and endogenous generated with different social and historical conditions. The paper emphasizes the exogenous and endogenous interaction. Then analyzes the generation of Chinese citizens' legal awareness, exogenous pathway illustrates the transformation of Chinese society, the progress of the rule of law and citizens endogenous pathway of legal awareness and legal education, and awareness of the status quo of the current Constitution of the Chinese citizens, The paradox of the Franco-Prussian explanation. Finally, through the use of the above theoretical tools, the paper pointed out, the legal work to an exogenous way to generate awareness of the law, but with the progress of the practice gradually endogenous nature; On the other hand, the Franco-Prussian initially the dissemination of knowledge of the law, but it gradually turned to the legal awareness of the value of ingredients. Therefore, we propose that the law publicity and education work should achieve enhanced steering and governance of the publicity. In terms of publicity, it should be shifted from highlighting laws specific knowledge of how to provide legal advocacy to get good execution fact, turned to focus on the need to publicize the modern rule of law values; specific methods, should guide our citizens to participate in the events of the relevant rule of law the discussion to enhance the legal awareness of citizens.

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