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A Search on Legal Language Specification

Author YeChunHua
Tutor ZhangDongMing
School Huaibei Normal
Course Legal Theory
Keywords Legal language Defined Conversation Analysis Standardization A library and three Code
CLC D90-055
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Building a modern socialist country under the rule of law, is an ambitious goal of the CPC and the Chinese government. The construction of the language of the law is the rule of law is an extremely important part of the legal language of civilization is an important manifestation of the civilization of the rule of law, and legal language specification is an important part of the construction of legal language and legal language civilization. In a sense, it is even more important than the law itself, because the language does not regulate the law can not achieve the purpose of the legislation. Our legal language, there are many problems. These problems either because the development of the situation, the development of society, judicial reform - that is, the expression or expression not suited to the new changes and the need for reform; language or linguistics literacy of some law or legal workers cause. As long as the era in the development, social progress, as long as the law exists, the normative study of the language of the law will not stop. The law was seen as a language professional, international legal linguists Vice-Chairman of the Association of American Law Professor Peter in his book \might be involved in human behavior, but the law is through language generated by the two disciplines of linguistics and law is the same, there is a lot to learn from each other. In the final analysis, these two disciplines, in essence, is doing the same thing: Linguistics is the study of human language law, the law is the study of the law of the norms of social behavior law. , Fundamentally speaking, is also the language. From the the subject classification point of view, the legal language study for an interdisciplinary research, interdisciplinary research efforts to promote academic research paradigm in today's international academic community. In the natural sciences, the social sciences, more and more scholars realize that many problems can not be a subject in itself can be solved, you need a variety of disciplines to work together. As a famous scholar, Professor Shu Guoying said China jurisprudence, if you do not own research stream in the hollow, pale, theories and methods must be outside the law and law for support. Therefore, pay attention to the real problem, learn from foreign experience, to carry out cross-over study, more empirical analysis, less theory expounded, but also is the final or the only way out of our jurisprudence and the whole legal research. Study some of the problems in the practice of law from the language point of view, be regarded as a useful attempt to promote the study of jurisprudence out of the woods, it is necessary, is also possible. Legal language as the carrier of the law, it must be the appropriate form of language representation law, legal language is bound to the study of legal theory is based on, and then the contents of the law, through the processing of legislative technique, precise language be expressed. Forensic Linguistics must serve the legal practice, which is determined by the nature of the legal linguistics. Completion of the legal language of the first conversion requires scientific and strict definition, only a few people grasp the scientific technology, the special characteristics of the language of the law is quite clear, the second conversion of the language of the law, you will need more scientific interpretation of the law and more specialized legal staff, because after the second transformation of the language of the law has a sacred mission - to regulate people's behavior. The defects of the language of the law along with its role, how to maximize the role of the legal language as much as possible to avoid the defects of the language of the law for the operation of the law is a serious problem. The introduction of the new thinking of the foreign legal language, the language of the law as a tool, or legal process run, rather than as a subject to study, to solve practical problems will have a good effect. Accompanied by the introduction of the angle of thinking, changing thoughts of the concept of legal education in China is also very important, of legal theory, practice and research should focus on timely and moving and the status quo of China's legal education should be changed, education should have a clear purpose . The status quo of China's rule of law process to speed up the pace of the urgent need to build a library and three Code.

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