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Deng Legal Thought and Its Significance

Author WangDanXu
Tutor ZhangLanChu
School Changchun University of
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Deng Xiaoping’s legal thought Socialist rale of law concept Significance
CLC A849.16
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Deng Xiaoping’s legal thought is rich in content, broad and deep, Scientific discourse of the socialist rule of law and legal research in a series of fundamental questions, this is the Chinese Communist Party and People of China’s most valuable spiritual wealth. Deng Xiaoping’s thinking on the law in-depth and detailed study, Marxist legal thought both learn the latest achievements of China. Deng Xiaoping, then the law can better guide and promote the ideology of the socialist rule of law in nation-building.In the first part of this article, the author study the legal thinking from the theory of Deng Xiaoping and elaborate on the legal thought of Marxism and Mao Zedong Thought of the substance of the law. Legal Thought and Deng Xiaoping is pointed out that the main development phase of the Cultural Revolution to the early 90s after the end of the period, is a thought to the rule of law and legal thinking from the campaign development process. Legal Thought and Deng Xiaoping is the continuation and development of Marxism by law, and make it shine a new vitality. In the practice, Deng Xiaoping succeeded Mao Zedong’s experience, the combination of democracy and the rule of law together, Deng Xiaoping opened up a new realm of legal thought. Thus, in the history of the Chinese Communist Party, it is the successful implementation of Marxism in China’s second great innovation.In the second part, the author study Deng Xiaoping’s thinking from the practice of law from the perspective, and look at the history as a mirror, summarizes the history of traditional Chinese legal thinking experience, Confucius Confucian "rites", "virtue" and "rule of man" to the idea of combining the Western Han Dong "Heaven" Confucianism up dated thinking to Zhu Xi inherited and developed supplementing Confucian thought. Forerunner of China’s democratic revolution, Sun Yat-sen set up in the feudal autocratic system, China’s democracy and legal construction is not solid. And analysis of the "Cultural Revolution" causes, Deng Xiaoping’s legal thought is in this country under such circumstances. On the international front, Deng Xiaoping’s idea is to sum up the legal construction of the former Soviet Union based on lessons learned, particularly in the Soviet model based on the success or failure gradually formed and developed.In the third part, the author summarizes that there are laws to follow, sound the alarm bell, enforcement of laws must be strict, law breakers must be dealt with. Meanwhile, set by leaders concluded clarify the legislative, law enforcement, judicial various aspects of organic, interdependence, mutual promotion Overall, is the guiding principle of rule of law is a new creation Marxist law. From seven aspects, the author summarizes the basic content of Deng Xiaoping’s legal thinking. In the fourth part of the paper, the author on the basis of the previous three parts briefly discussed the significance of Deng Xiaoping’s theory of legal thinking and practical significance. Deng Xiaoping’s legal thought is rich Marxist legal theory and in-depth development of China’s democracy and legal system opened up a new era. And the part is an important component of Deng Xiaoping Theory; it also is the guiding ideology of the rule of law and a socialist concept of rule of law, the theory of origin for the continuous distillation of the socialist concept of rule of law and laid a solid foundation of practice.

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