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An Investigation Report on Malfeasance Cases of Above Township Level and Section Level of Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Year 2005-2009

Author LinZuo
Tutor MeiChuanQiang
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course Legal
Keywords job-related crimes features causes countermeasures
CLC D917
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Whether a national public staff is able to comply with state law and maintain his integrity sentiment in the performance of his functions conferred by the rights and duties is closely related to social and economic development and stability of state power. In recent years, with the profound change in our society, job-related crimes, being the most serious violation of the integrity office manifestations, due to the high frequency and grim situation and as the amount increases and the level goes higher, has become a major obstacle to China’s modernization process. It is of absolute theoretical and practical value to investigate on the status of job-related crimes, to do in-depth analysis on the characteristics, causes and laws of current job-related crimes and on such basis, to present pertinent countermeasures.This article mainly adopts interview method and record survey method to carry out the investigation. Taking the job-related crime cases investigated by CPC Wenzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and by Wenzhou Supervision bureau during the year 2005-2009 as objects. On such basis, this article organizes, analyzes and puts forward suggestions and countermeasures of preventing job-related crimes in hope of that it could be of reference value of preventing and controlling job-related crimes.The report includes five parts and a total of 30000 words.The first part is a brief description of the purpose and significance of this report, that through the analysis on job-related crime cases investigated by CPC Wenzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Wenzhou Supervision Bureau during the year 2005-2009, the report researches into the causes and characteristics of job-related crimes in this area and presents preventive suggestions and countermeasures.The second part introduces the methods applied to complete this survey report, which are interview method and record survey method. It also clarifies relevant notions in the article which are national public staff of above township level and section level, connotation and extension of job-related crimes.The third part is the illustration of the results of the survey. First it makes an overall judge on the crime situation caused by cadres above township level and section level that the overall number of the crimes is on the rise. It then analysis the main features of job-related crimes committed by cadres above township level and section level. With respect to types of crime, there are mainly corruption, bribery and malfeasance. As for the subjects of crime, the first concern is that the age feature becomes vague, crimes happen in different age level; the second is an upward trend in education level that junior college and college graduates cover the larger proportion; the third deals with the co-relation of the subjects of crime, with the grow of group crime and an obvious upward trend in collusion cases; the forth problem is that subjects of crime avoiding investigation through all means. As to means of crime, the first one is some more subtle ways to obtain properties; the second is the growth in power-to power deals, which often manipulated through system levels. Meanwhile, the role of network monitoring becomes increasingly obvious.The forth part is the analysis on the results of the survey. It discusses the causes leading to job-related crimes. With respect to subject of crime, it includes lack of ideals and beliefs, lack of concepts of law, lack of professional ethics and psychological unbalance. As for the system, it includes the lack in prevention and monitoring, in prompting and in punishment systems. The social causes consist of the local culture in Wenzhou and the negative affection of the society, it also concerns with some factors in the investigation and punishment stage. Those above mentioned issues synthetically resulted in the grim crime situation.The fifth part, based on the analysis on the causes of job-related crimes, puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions of preventing the crimes. It mainly consists of Strengthening publicity and education; improving supervision, prevention, encouragement and punishment system; giving full scope to the warning role of penalty in combating and punishing; carrying forward the righteousness and justice culture and purifying social environment and other purification methods.Strengthening the position of crime punishment and prevention is a long-term and arduous task. This requires joint efforts of all sectors of society, to give full play to all the positive factors and eliminate the negative impacts. Forecasting and resolving various conflicts promptly, upholding the principle of tackling the problem in a comprehensive way, combining punishment and prevention, this is the only way to our goal of preventing and to reducing job-related crimes.

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