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Research on Relationship between Organizational Support and Organizational Commitment of Teachers in Armed Police Colleges

Author JiaoDianLong
Tutor LiJiang
School National University of Defense Science and Technology
Course Public Administration
Keywords teachers in armed police colleges organizational support organizational commitment
CLC E251.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Talents are fundamental to flourish the Army, and the most valuable resources of the military resources. During the historical process of promoting the information construction and achieving rapid development, more than ever, our army needs a large number of outstanding talented people to stand out. As an important part of our armed forces, Armed Policed Force should complete different kinds of tasks assigned by the Party and the people which take duty, dealing with the emergency and counter-terrorism as the central tasks. The key is to establish a team of talented people which can perform duties and tasks. Armed Policed Force has been shouldering the important tasks of constructing the team of the talented people and developing the primary commander combatants of armed forces. It is important for the continuous and healthy development of armed police colleges and armed policed force to construct teachers team of high level of business, stability and strong cohesion.Although the military can provide chances for a certain number of army man to transferred to civilian work, the level of the coach of the armed forces has a trend of obvious falling influenced by the factors such as the income, different treatment in military. Some coaches have low identity towards the military force and different goals and value from those of armed forces, which obstruct the construction and development of the armed forces colleges. If we do not make some efficient measures, it will have bad effect on the continuous development of armed policed force. Therefore, we must pay a great attention to whether the teachers satisfy their works and analyzing various factors which affect their stability of their mind. It is a subject of great reality and significance to improve the ability of performing duties of the whole teachers and increase their identity towards the armed policed force.This paper will take the problems above as the starting points in order to introduce some relative theories, for instance, perceived organizational support and organizational commitment in Behavior and management psychology. Based on searching and studying a large number of material related to perceived organizational support and organization psychology, the paper has proposed the methods and hypothesis about the studied subject. The relative data has been collected by the survey of questionnaire. The paper has applied methods such as, descriptive statistics, variance analysis, relative analysis, regression analysis to discuss the current situation of the perceived organizational support and organizational commitment of the teachers in armed policed force and analyze their relative relationship and the predictable effect of perceived organizational support to organizational commitment and test hypotheses. Finally, according to the results of the study, the paper put forward that it is necessary to improve the organizational commitment of the teachers in armed force colleges. In order to fully play the potential of teachers of the armed force college, the paper pointed out to improve the Perceived organizational support and put forward several suggestions and strategies to improve perceived organizational support of the teachers in armed police colleges.

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