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The Research and Realization of the Part Key Technology about the Picture Archive and Communication System

Author GongXunZuo
Tutor ZhaoHongWei
School Jilin University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords The medical picture PACS DICOM
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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With the wide application of the computer in medical treatment, the development in the medical treatment and related realm is pushed huge. It is importance that more and more countries and enterprises attach to the digital information technology in medical treatment. It provides a good medical environment which is the representative in no hurt or little hurt technology, such as CT, MRI and Ultrasound. The picture has many messages in medical which are very benefit to treat. In the process of the informational medical treatment, the information about the medical picture is about 70~80 percent of the whole treated information in the hospital. As a information system, PACS not only supplies the communication, the storage, the display and the disposal for the digital image,but also optimizes the picture work flow. The doctors may look for the related picture rapidly and facility from the system where they lie in the office and in the emergency. It provides the efficiency and turns away losing the picture when the pictures are carried. Other, the distance disappear between the library and the clinic. The doctor may unfold the diagnosis in the composite pictures with the PACS. The pictures share with anyone who need use it, such as the medical college, the insurance agent. All of these will improve the diagnosis quality, the work efficiency and the level in the teaching and scientific research. Another, It promotes the degree of the integration among the traditional section offices that the PACS is used in the hospital. With the PACS wide used, there is a great impact happened in the radiology,which will be a specialization department. And the competition for service is very fierce in the different hospital. After PACS running, the hospital will enter the non-film era. Today, social requires better and better service in the medical treatment. The above-mentioned superiority is end and will be advantageous to the exaltation medical treatment quantity and shortens the sufferer to be detained time at the hospital, thus bringing the economic performance and social performances. DICOM is a standard that need be fulfilled to develop the PACS. DICOM is adopted by more and more PACS related equipments factory and the support of the PACS. So it is the standard in fact. However, during several years passed, the application of the DICOM is slower in the medical picture information system than the others is. For this, we do some researching about DICOM, basing on the PACS model. The DICOM that applies to the medical treatment information field, bend itself to the communication among the different equipments and the information systems. It promotes the efficiency of the information exchange, transition and synchronization among the picture equipment. The standard regulates a special communicated agreement, and gives the related conjunction information, mandatory phrasing in communication aspect. In saving aspect in the medium, the standard also regulates somerules such as the numerical picture document format in medical, the medium catalogue structure and the exchange technique about the medium data. Simultaneity, it requires all of the equipments and the system development perform on the conformance statement. The DICOM is a very huge and complicated standard. It is constitute by 16 parts, involving the information object Definitions, service class specifications, data structures and encoding, message exchanges, network communication support for message exchange, media storage and file format for data interchange, database management, grayscale display function and security profiles etc.. The DICOM usage the entity-relation model described the relation of various things, and abstract to information and describe with objects oriented technique. After studying the DICOM, I made the further research about the file format part of the medical picture and the DICOM network communication part. The encoding format of the medical file differs from the other picture files. For some special requirements, the medical picture need include some information, such as the patient information, the parameters on taking the picture, and so on, which is benefit to the treat. And the patient often takes a series picture, which are relationship. These compose a file to manage easy. So it is complex for these medical pictures to coding and encoding. The DICOM communication bases on TCP/IP or ISO OSI that presides over transacting the functions of the application layer, the presentation layer and the conversation layer. It is the standard’s baby

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