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Parametric Analysis of Thermal Environment and Research of Ventilation Cooling Exploitable Thickness in Shandong Jisan Colliery

Author LiXueWu
Tutor LiuXianGui;ZouDeYun;CuiHongYi
School Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course Mining Engineering
Keywords ventilation cooling exploitable thickness geothermal gradient depth drill absolute heat source relative heat source control heat disaster
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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In the procession of colliery exploitation, along with the increasing thickness of the coal mines and the improvement of mechanized extraction, the deep mine high temperature and heat has become one of the most seriously problems in deep mines, which does harm to the miners healthy and restricts the further improvement of mine productive efficiency. This study is based on the present problems situation of Chinese deep mines, especially on the real production conditions of Jisan Mine. Under these circumstances, investigating mine shaft heat disaster, accurately analyzing causes of heat disaster, exactly dividing grades of heat disaster, taking effective measures of mine ventilation cooling and confirming mine exploitable depth provide favorable working condition and scientific gist of technique management for safe and effective production.This thesis, theoretically, analyzes all kinds of main thermal environment parameter factors and interactional mechanics which influence generation of mine shaft heat disaster. According to 《Safety Regulations in Coal Mine》 , through the geothermal survey in Jisan Mine, it provides credible basement for control heat disaster. Basing on the result of mensuration, analyzing thermal environment parameter in Jisan Mine results that serious heat disaster exists in west wing mining area in summer. With the increasing thickness of the west wing mining area and the whole year air heat release in tunnels, heat disaster will be more serious in summer.In spot idiographic implementary effect, the cost of non-refrigeration ventilation measure is far lower than that of artificial refrigeration cooling, which makes remarkable econometric social benefit. By basic theory of mine ventilation cooling exploitable thickness, combining facility idiographic engineering qualification and thermal parameter circs of tunnels and working surface in west wing mining area, this thesis forecasts and designs mine ventilation quantity and cooling exploitable depth.By the thermodynamics simulative theory of air current getting across the mine workings, respectively educe the summation of relative heat source.The relative heat source’s releasing quantity of heat:

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