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Earthquake Dynamic Response and Shock Absorption Measures Research on the Huangcaoping Tunnel of 318 National Road

Author WangYiJun
Tutor LiTianBin
School Chengdu University of Technology
Course Geological Engineering
Keywords Tunnel High earthquake intensity The Damage Features Three-dimensional Numerical Simulation of Seismic Dynamic Responses of Shock absorption measures FLAC-3D
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Yellow lawn tunnel away from the the Holocene of active faults in Batang fault, exists merely 300 ~~ 400m, the the the the basic seismic intensity of of the venues for the of degrees Ⅸ. The its the implementation of opened a the the our country away from the activities fault zone to recently distance the the construction of of the the first of its kind of the tunnel, the and thus triggered a of the potential of earthquakes on the the the the worries of of the the the security of of the tunnel. Of this article in order to the tunnel as the research object to, the use of the Geological Survey, the indoor information analysis of and the numerical analog analysis of the combination of of the research means of on the the the the at home and abroad tunnel earthquake damage characteristics of and its the driving force the role of law of carried out the be summarized sum up to response the the process of and its Less to, on the the the Earthquake motive force enlarges of the tunnel The measures of the the earthquake carried out in-depth of the study and explore the, the mainly to carry out of the the the work of and satisfactory progress of understanding of sum up are as follows: the 1. in the the the on the basis of analysis of of summing up our predecessors information, the establishment of the the the geological of the the tunnel site District, generalizability theory in the, the and the Tate's Cairn Tunnel Address the region mainly fracture activities the sexual and venues of earthquake driving force characteristics of carried out be summarized sum up. Think that the the Batang fracture and the Jinsha River play an-controlling the role of in of faults on the the tunnel the stability of. 2. In the the on the the the basis of of extensive collection of finishing the at home and abroad the subway and, mountains tunnel seismic damage instance of of the, of these to the the the of the earthquake damage the form of of and characteristics of of of the structure of the two kinds of linear carried out analyzed and summarized, will be the the of the earthquake damage mechanism of Overview of of the tunnel for the: a. Vibration - slippery mechanism of the collapse of; b. vibration - liquefied mechanism; c. vibration - the collapses mechanism; d. vibration - shear mechanism; e. vibration - Zhang shear mechanism five types of. And analysis of a seismic intensity and Magnitude, the earthquake wave vibration the direction of with the tunnel cross-to cut the of the relationship between, buried depth of, stratigraphic and lithologic and geological conditions and underground structures mode, etc. factors on the the the affect the of the tunnel the earthquake damage the degree of of the. 3. In order to the for the geological prototype in the yellow lawn, the use of the FLAC-3D (fast Lagrangian finite difference procedures) analog the a the the Earthquake motive force enlarges of the the the surrounding rock and tunnel of of the of the free-field response the process of, research a the the earthquake-excited the earthquake the direction of, and seismic intensity, the tunnel buried depth of, geological conditions and, etc. factors on the the the the the impact of of the tunnel Lining, surrounding rock acceleration, stress displacement response of the. Through the to change the the way of the-dong-shaped structure, Lining stiffness, and settings Bianxing Feng, etc., the on the the carried out a analysis and explore the to the the the the ways and the effect of of shock absorption by the tunnel. Mainly got the following understanding of: in the the (1) free-field, the the surrounding rock of the vibration characteristics of not subject to the the impact of of the underground structure, follow the the Enter the the of the vibration law of of of the seismic waves; rather the the of the vibration rules of of the Tunnel Lining is controlled by 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 of the driving force characteristics of the surrounding rock in the. (2) earthquake driving force response factors is analysis showed that the for: a. The changes in of the seismic waves the incident the direction of, will be the the the deformation of destruction of way of the on the the the various points of the tunnel brought about has been a lot of change in; b. Parallel to incident earthquake wave in the the destructive of the earth's surface the vicinity of stronger than the and vertical the incident of the earthquake wave, rather the vertical and incident, in the the the destructive of the the-dong posture of the of the tunnel is stronger than parallel incident; c. caused by an earthquake the Tunnel Lining displacement with the the the increase of of the seismic intensity while the has significantly increased the, vaults the parts of is is particularly obvious; d. buried depth of is greater than the the of the earthquake reaction of of the posture of the 50m the tunnel after the the-dong Sui buried depth of occurrence of changes in is is is not obvious; the good land at a good of the e. surrounding rock geological conditions, the the subject to of the earthquake damage the degree of thus the smaller the, while the the the surrounding rock alternately changes in parts of in the earthquake in the easy to occurrence of destruction. (3) the of the bias voltage Lot of of a yellow lawn of 2 ~ # tunnel-dong the the of the Slope and the hole of of the outside the door in the come into operation on a day to be the earthquake, are vulnerable to the, while the of vaults and of inverted arch the for the the the anti-seismic the weak parts of of the tunnel, need to to its carried out a reinforcement treatment destruction of. Deformation of the (4) by the design of the by the tunnel of Huangcaoping belt the-dong of the the-style of the wall of Yang-to arch of the Qu-shaped structure can effective buffer the the vibration of the earthquake wave to pass of the, Lining stiffness has a the the the sufficient toughness while the without reduce the the carrying capacity, and the the the settings of the seismic joints obvious weakened the the surrounding rock to the Lining to pass the the characteristics of of the acceleration, so it for one kinds namely the design of the the and effective shock absorption in in the economic.

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