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An Empirical Study of the Old Finance in Dalian

Author WangShiJuan
Tutor LiHongXin
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course E-commerce
Keywords Dalian the aging of the population financial needs
CLC D669.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Early in 1987,Dalian has formally entered the ranks of the aging of the town. The aging of the population is facing a serious situation. Generally speaking,the quantity of the eldely at the age of 60 and above in Dalian are large and keep rising trend. At the end of 2008, The old aged 65 and above in Dalian accounted for 17.77% of the total population. According to international standards,if the elderly aged 60 and over account for 10% of the total population or the elderly aged 65 and over account for 7% of the total population these countries or regions are known as the "Old Country" or "old age type region. " The aging of Dalian has greatly exceeded the standard. The degree of aging of Dalian has constantly continued to follow an upward course.And the aging speed is fast.Between 1987 and 2008,the average annual growth rate of the elderly population is 3.5%,much higher than 0.74% of total Dalian average annual population growth rate. In addition,the aging of the population in Dalian also shows other features such as the number of the old aged 80 and above、the high proportion of the elderly population.In fact, the proportion of the old aged 80 and above tends to ascend. The old aged 80 and above in Dalian accounted for 10.14% of the old in 1987. By 2008 the proportion rose to 11.6%.There have been two waves of baby boom in China in the last century. The first baby boom is now or about to enter areas of the elderly population.And the second wave of baby-boomer population will enter the aging stage after 2025.This makes the situation more severe,and will produce important effects on economy、society and Other aspects.The aging of the population brings challenge and opportunities to the financial industry in Dalian. On the one hand the financial industry must deal with the problems of aging.They should foresee the financial needs of the elderly, and actively respond to the problems. And they should develop the appropriate financial measures to improve competitiveness of financial institutions themselves. Banking industry will meet the challenge from foreign banks After China’s entry into the WTO to seek better development of the future.On the other hand, the elderly market as a growing and untapped market, its potential is bound to create enormous business opportunities.In this context, this paper studies relationships between the aging of the population of Dalian and the development of financial services. And hope that it will bring a new way to the serious problem of the ageing of population. At the same time,look for potential financial needs of the elderly.Study factors affecting the financial needs of the elderly in order to provide valuable customer research proposals to the customers of financial institutions and bring convenience to the financial life of the elderly.First of all, this article starts from characteristics of the aging of the population in Dalian. Conclude that fertility decline and mortality decline have led to the aging population in Dalian and the decline in birth rate is the biggest factor of the aging of the population. Then study the present situation:They don’t pay enough attention to the elderly and there are misunderstandings about finance; Most of elder people are short of knowledge on financial nous; Basic financial products for the elderly are vacant; The elderly use little advanced financial service means. Then analyze the impact of the aging of the population of Dalian City on the financial industry from a macro point of view. This includes banking、securities、insurance.Based on the actual investigation of finance,I study financial needs of older persons and relevant content and analyze the factors that affect the financial needs of the elderly by SPSS 16.0. Finally, financial products suitable for the elderly are also given. Among these, the impact of the aging of the population on the financial industry in Dalian、the financial status of the elderly and the factors that affect the financial needs of the elderly are the focus of this article. In terms of research methods, this paper uses normative analysis、empirical analysis、quantitative analysis、qualitative analysis and other methods..

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