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The Spectrum of EBV-associated Disorders and Wei Qi Ying Xue Differentiation of Symptoms and Signs

Author FangAiQin
Tutor HuJian;WangXiaoMin
School Tianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese Academy of Pediatrics
Keywords Infectious mononucleosis syndrome EB virus infection Disease spectrum Severe infections EBv Chronic active EB virus infection Wei Qi Ying and Blood
CLC R272
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Objective EB virus (EBV) infection is a common pediatric viral infection, but also a variety of pediatric diseases pathogenic factor, because it can involve multiple body organs, and the clinical symptoms of the disease spectrum of diversity and diversification, easy caused by misdiagnosis, yet current clinical sufficient attention. EBV and abroad in recent years have been carried out research on their diseases caused by a single species has been repeated reports, but a systematic analysis of its spectrum of disease is rarely reported, and severe chronic active EBV infection and EBV infection was no comprehensive evaluation reported. This study retrospectively analyzed the clinical data of EBV infection in children, and to explore the spectrum of disease caused by Wei Qi Ying and Blood, and severe chronic active EBV infection and risk factors associated with EBV infection regression analysis, in order to improve early diagnosis Rate and children with severe prediction. Methods January 2003 - June 2004 in Tianjin Children's Hospital Medical hospitalized children, a total of 332 cases diagnosed as EB virus (EBV) infection. Collect clinical data in children, including gender, age, symptoms, signs, clinical diagnosis and related laboratory tests. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and / or nucleic acid amplification (PCR) detection of serum and / or cerebrospinal fluid EBV-PCR and VCA-IaM, divided into two groups namely PCR () group and IgM () group of two group of children with the disease spectrum analysis and the corresponding TCM analysis. Results 1.EBV very wide spectrum of disease caused by infection, can involve breathing, blood, nervous, immune, kidney, heart and other multi-system multi-organ, which manifested as respiratory diseases, infectious mononucleosis syndrome, blood system involvement most common, clinically with mild-based. 2 of 66 children with severe EBV infection cases, including severe liver damage, elevated liver enzymes showed more severe, with the ordinary EBV infection in children compared to their EBV DNA copy number was significantly increased, compared to the two significant difference (P lt; 0.05). Using Logistic regression analysis showed that children with fever logical length of time, EBV DNA copy number, hemoglobin and white blood cell count and its prognosis. 3. Chronic active EB virus infection in children of eight cases, prolonged course, clinical manifestations of different combinations of multi-system involvement. EBV-DNA copy number high, VCA-IgM negative higher (87.5%), the prognosis is poor. 4 Wei Qi Ying Xue differentiation with disease combination: Through the combination of differentiation with disease, found that different disease syndromes different emphasis, there is a significant difference

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