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Quqianling Attenuates Learning and Memory Deficits Induced by Lead Exposure in the Rat

Author YangXinHua
Tutor ZhouPing
School Hunan Normal University
Course Basic Psychology
Keywords Removing lead Spirit Lead Exposure Spatial learning Reference memory Working memory
CLC B842.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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The lead contamination is widespread global environmental problems , and chronic low-level exposure to lead can damage a variety of human neurobehavioral and cognitive functions , animal research and clinical practice proved early chronic low level lead exposure can cause adult continuing cognitive impairment . Has been antagonistic on the lead chelating and lead toxicity is very concerned about , but there are many inadequacies excretion of drugs in clinical application . Therefore , the research and development of security , convenience, efficiency, toxicity and removing lead early essential drugs . In this study, the main observe the effect of removing lead spiritual whether low-level lead exposure induced learning and memory impairment antagonism hope to provide a new , safe treatment for removing lead . In this study, by 0.05% lead acetate contamination SD rats drinking water for 28 days, using the Morris water maze learning and memory behavior model to observe the impact of chronic low-level lead exposure on learning and memory of adult rats . At the same time , the administration side of the lead edge dyed observe three different doses of removing lead Ling extract powder (3.47g/kg/d, 6.93g/kg/d, 13.86g/kg/d) of lead exposure in animal learning antagonism and memory impairment . The results found that chronic low-level exposure to lead can cause damage to the adult rat spatial reference memory and spatial working memory , but does not affect the animals use cognitive map strategy to find the hidden platform , had no effect on spatial learning . Chinese medicine is obvious antagonism toxic effects of lead on Lead spirits , can significantly improve the performance in the Morris water maze of lead- exposed animals , which in the dose of removing lead spiritual role best , and the dose is too high and too low are lower less than the best effect . Blood lead levels also prove that low-level lead exposure to blood lead values ??, and allows the body to form a stable drive the lead spiritual group of animal blood lead concentration was significantly lower than that of lead exposure group , prompted flooding lead Spirit Lead role . The results showed that : 1 , chronic low-level exposure to lead can cause the rats memory impairment , Spirit of removing lead antagonism memory impairment caused by chronic low-level lead exposure .

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