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A Research on Spreading and Evolution of YongChun White Crane Boxing

Author XuHaiTao
Tutor LinYinSheng
School Fujian Normal University
Course Ethnic Traditional Sports
Keywords Yongchun White Crane boxing WingChun boxing Fuzhou crane boxing Karate Jeet Kune Do Spreading and Evolution
CLC G852
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Yongchun White Crane boxing is one of eight in Fujian Province,is an important part of Fujian Nanquan,is an outstanding representative of the Southern Shaolin Wushu,Long, deeply rooted, internationally famous.Known for rich content, Plain bright features known to the world.By means of literature method, field survey, visiting method, comparative method, and logical analysis etc, this paper will analyze and summarize the History, diffusion, Evolution about Yongchun White Crane boxing.This article mainly to discuss the four historical periods of Yongchun White Crane boxing Origin and dissemination Evolution of the different historical stages,there are:Yongchun martial arts Before Qing; Yongchun White Crane boxing Spreading and Evolution in Qing Dynasty; The spreading of Yongchun White Crane boxing in Republic of China,and The spreading and re-Evolution of Contemporary Yongchun White Crane boxing.to describe Representative, important event, and martial arts contributions in different historical periods,And further explore its content, Carry forward its spirit, highlight its value.The history of local Yongchun martial arts flourished before the Qing Dynasty,show that Yongchun local Wufeng Prevalence in the Qing Dynasty,to Reserve a wealth of nutrients, and has laid a good foundation in society for breeding and formation about Yongchun White Crane boxing.Qing Dynasty is the critical period for the formation, development, communication, and evolution of Yongchun White Crane boxing ShunZhi years of the Qing Dynasty,Fang Qiniang(方七娘)create White Crane boxing,Kangxi years, Qiniang and her husband ZengSi(曾四)arrived Yongchun for crimes Exile,After ZengSi, ZhengLi, WhiteJie(白戒),who widely Spreading and exchanges, constantly absorbing, review for improvement, formed Yongchun White Crane boxing with regional Geography characteristics about Yongchun, also known as White Crane Boxing, Yongchun Crane Boxing,Fujian White Crane or Yongchun boxing simply, etc.Yongchun White Crane boxing continue to occur Evolution during the Qing Dynasty:after teaching form ZhengLi(郑礼)to ZhengChong(郑宠)to LinShixian(林世咸)to FangShipei(方世培)and LinDacong(林达崇)then evolved as Fuzhou Crane Boxing;Fuzhou Crane Boxing was introduced to Japan by Higaonna Kanryo((东恩纳宽量)from XieChongxiang(谢崇祥),then evolved Gojuryu Karate-Do(刚柔流空手道)by Miyagi Chojun(宫城长顺);Yongchun White Crane boxing was introduced to Guangdong then evolved gradually into Yong Chun boxing.Among Republic of China, Yongchun White Crane boxing has been more widely disseminated.Central National Museum of Taiwanese martial arts group visiting Southeast Asian is the overseas representative incident of the spread of Yongchun White Crane boxing, Created a precedent of China’s first civil martial arts groups to visit overseas, made a great contribution for promoting the heritage and culture of White Crane Wing Chun.Yongchun White Crane boxing in contemporary period and its derivative boxing world famous.Bruce Lee(李小龙)created Jeet Kune Do(截拳道)based on Wing Chun from Yongchun White Crane boxing,with mergeing the essence of various martial arts in world,Created glory of the world martial arts history;Blending Yongchun White Crane boxing with Taiji quan boxing taught by ZhengManqing,HuangXingxian created Huangshi Taijiquan,they made outstanding contributions for the spreading and Evolution of Yongchun White Crane boxing.

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