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Study on the Effectiveness of Non-profit Organizations Settle

Author DengZuo
Tutor ZhongHaiQing;ZuoZhuangCai
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Educational Economy and Management
Keywords Non-profit Organizations Effectiveness Employment of the College Student Jobs Employment Services
CLC G648.38
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The problem of people’s well-being including the employment of the undergraduate. However, with the intensification of degree that attended to the problem, this problem could not be resolved. Meanwhile, along with the outbreak of global financial crisis, the issue has been laid upon our table. The government has already adapted positive measures to promote employment and the enterprises play a positive role for the issue as well. However people ignore the other department that Third Sector which keeps pace with the government and enterprises. This article will illuminates how much effect this sector will to bring and how much the degree of satisfaction students would acquire from the help the sector offer. In the end, this article analysis the government or university and itself how to do which enable non- profitable organizations maximum impact on the problem of employment of the undergraduate.The frame of this thesis is as following: the first part gives a brief sketch to the relevant researches,select reasons and notion of non-profitable organizations,and importantly Presents the analysis tool. It supports the following inquiry in the term of theory and analysis.The part two analysis the road selection and the theoretical explanation of non- Profitable organizations play a role in the area of the employment of the undergraduate. By analyzing this,it is clear for us to learn the advantages of non-profitable organizations taking in solving social problems,comparing with market,especially the government. Second, analyzing the developed country’s current situation of non-profitable organizations to act in the field of non-Profitable organizations. Finally, by analyzing the theoretical basis, it is clear for us to find out the road selection of non- Profitable organizations play a role in the area of the employment of the undergraduate.The part three analysis the utility of the non- profitable organizations provide job opportunities for students. This part explains this matter by means of the necessity and feasibility of non-Profitable organizations provide job opportunities for students. In order to better illuminate the problem , the part in which insert data reference that from authority.The part four analysis the utility of the non- profitable organizations provide employment services for student. The key point is which mode the non- profitable organization enable offered. On the other hand, the student and the non- Profitable organization will acquire how much utility in relation of obtaining employment. The part five analysis the reason of China’s non- profitable organizations play an insufficient role on the field of the employment of the undergraduate. This part is the key point of the article., the arising of problem is not the result of some single department’s malfunction. The article is analyzed from the internal and external factors.The lastly, for full use of our non-profitable organization in the college of employment effectiveness of countermeasure. After the some analysis, it is clear to us to learn the key issue of problem. The final research from reality, come up with the method of the full use of our non- profitable organization in the college measures the effectiveness of employment programs, in which the government how to assist, the university how to guide and the non- profitable organization how to operate.In order to facilitate a better description of the problem, the beginning of each sectors have a case for the guide. No doubt. This is also a major feature of the article. Hope gives the reader a clear description.

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