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Study on Performance Budget in Public Universities

Author HanKaiJun
Tutor LiangLiJuan
School Henan Polytechnic University
Course Accounting
Keywords Performance budget Educate finance University evaluates
CLC G647.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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On September 13, 1987 our country scholar for the first time to our country the university carry on evaluation placings, have already had more than 30 organizations or group to release to our country the university evaluate a report, these research much the research ability angle commence to synthesize or categorize to assess to the university from the university, but to evaluation result of analysis research and application study less.This text from analysis college education the product complexity and public sex angle set out, applied abundant of the university assess a data and combine public finance budget funds devotion in high school, research college education product the social public approbation degree and education public finance resources assign a relation, then combine together and study the results problem of higher education budget with the quotation of high etc. college to assessing of college.Educate public finance budget to include budget to draw up, budget performance, results evaluation and public finance direct, its core is a public finance results problem, this text mainly launches a discussion for use results and direct problem of public finance funds in the university and college.From to higher education three big basic working talent evaluations commence indirect evaluation higher education product, make use of folks valuation’s organization to evaluate a data to the university, can get a social public’s social approbation degree for higher education product under a series of assumption condition, this kind of certain degree top reflection higher education product of social effect.In the public public finance ethics, the government is the faithful representative of public benefits, he for satisfying public of the demand is educating a product to buy a higher education product on the market, his pay a payment namely public finance funds also certain degree up reflect higher education product of social effect.Under the strict assumption condition, can build up purchasing with higher education product of didn’t measure the of public approbation degree that the key link turns a payment and higher education product to with same quantity relate to, thus establishment our country public results budget model in university and college combine carry on analysis.After the analysis to the our country public the college results budget model, canning get a few main conclusions is as follows.A, the product of higher education is complicated, should produce a different education product to concretely analyze characteristic, public and structure in the product market of higher education product according to the different working talent.Two, dissimilarity’s educating a product to use the contribution of effect to the higher education public finance funds is different, but various education product are just related to all of the contributions of higher education public finance funds.Three, high etc. the college fixed position contain importance influence to the high etc. college social approbation degree and find out suitable oneself, college fixed position than persistently raise research and academic level to more easily acquire the approbation of social public.Four, government’s taking public finance results as standard to purchase a higher education product is viable.The full text is divided into five parts.The first part is an introduction, analyzed an our country public results budget problem in high school to put forward background and research meaning, review and comment domestic and international scholar’s research work in skill area, inquired into the main contents of this text research and study method and innovation to order;The second part is the starting point and theory foundation of this text research.The related concept that defines results management and results budget first, immediately after the introduction entrusts-act for the taking charge of of high school in theory and encourage, and analyzed the complexity of college product to lay the foundation for continuing of continuation studying.Still introduced an our country to educate public finance under traditional"national allotment theory" and educate public finance under the lately public management ethics, study for the continuation substantial evidence our country public college public finance the results did theory cushion.Third part with the college working talent develop for the foundation evaluate the social approbation degree of the higher education product, and according to assumption establishment our country public the college results budget model, and carry on an examination to the model related parameter.Four-part cent is public according to the our country having been already built up the college results budget model, combine an actual circumstance of H university to analyze the applicability of results budget model.The fifth part analyzes according to the substantial evidence of result, carry on summary and outlook.

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