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Values ??of cultural diversity with young students

Author WangXiaoYing
Tutor DongYuHui
School Changchun University of
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Cultural Diversity Young students Values
CLC G641
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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After entering a new stage in the 21st century, our society accordingly happened tremendous changes, the various external ideological and cultural values ??have emerged one after another, the only merging conflict with each other, so that the phenomenon of cultural diversity in the community. This phenomenon to some extent promote the young students learning foreign outstanding ideological and cultural values, but at the same time lead to the majority of young students' values ??has also undergone drastic changes unprecedented. These changes highlight the surface now, some of the original values ??of the young students need to abandon it, values, standards need to adapt to the new era of social development needs to be rebuilt. The values ??change affects all members of society, and particularly in young students protruding. The academic are exploring, seeking to adapt and be able to promote the development of young students positive life values ??system. However, we must see that the young students are in the formation of values ??and period of development, their own can not be in the face of the complex and changing social reality, value orientation diversified reality, to make their own life values ??of the right choice. However, this article is for the current social status, especially the plight of values ??in young students, exploring in our current education work, the formation of a complete set of practical values ??education of young students theoretical system, so that cultural diversity The purpose of the social reality in the way of improvement and innovation of young students values ??formation, to achieve the training and promotion of young students to establish the correct values, meaning the maximum extent of the writing of this article. Firstly clear the meaning of the values ??of cultural diversity and young students, in order to make the reader aware of the object and the issues to be studied by the article, to pave the way for in-depth study below; Secondly, for the majority of young students through the current cultural diversity values ??impact specific analysis, to enable the reader to clear the current cultural diversity development situation and the situation of young students values, then further analysis of the positive and negative effects of the cultural diversity of the young students values, enable the reader to understand the cultural diversity of young students values ??favorable and unfavorable aspects profound, and thus a clear link between the two, in order to actively utilize the beneficial aspects of cultural diversity, and promote the healthy development of young students' values; Finally, suggestions for improvement and the ways and means of implementation of innovative young students values ??adhere to the principles and measures of improvement and innovation of young students values ??and the implementation of an effective way to achieve the maximum value of writing of this article: the values ??of young students and their education, we We can grasp the real situation of the young students' values ??in the new era of development and changes gradually, understanding, grasp the values ??of the formation and development of the young students to explore the objective laws of the effective values ??education of young students, so that the face of the current social and cultural diversity of the young students values ??a strong impact and influence of social reality, to take measures to provide favorable guidance and assistance individualized according to local conditions, and values ??education of young students in the new era work smoothly. In short, we have to implement the Party's education policy, a careful analysis of the problems, identify solutions, and to seize the nature and characteristics of the young students, and clear guidance makes clear understanding of Chinese and Western culture ideological essence, create an effective long young student values ??education effective mechanism.

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