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Study on Groundwater Discharge Fluxs and Nutrient Salt Fluxs Transported by Groundwater to Ocean from the Yellow River Delta Area

Author LiaoXiaoQing
Tutor LiuGuanQun
School Ocean University of China
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords Groundwater into the sea Hydrogeological model Yellow River Delta
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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The excess nutrients primary pollutant damage to marine balanced groundwater-borne nutrients to the sea throughput can not be ignored. Through the collection and analysis of results of previous studies, summarized the Yellow River Delta natural geographical, geological and hydrological geology, hydrogeological testing and long-term observation of groundwater to determine the hydrogeological parameters of the study area, and establish a typical section of the Yellow River Delta - the Yellow River hydrogeological conceptual model of the farm area. This paper use the the land hydrology section method and brackish water interface method to calculate the groundwater in the Yellow River Delta into the sea flux, while taking advantage of the the FEFLOW groundwater modeling software to establish a the Yellow River Farms area three-dimensional groundwater flow simulation model, to identify the model, using the model to calculate the Yellow River Farms area groundwater discharge into the sea, and to estimate the groundwater discharge into the sea of ??the Yellow River Delta. The model quantitative analysis of groundwater into the mass variation in precipitation, evaporation, surface water and tidal influence, the Yellow River Farms area. The use of estimates of groundwater discharge into the sea of ??the Yellow River Delta, combined with nutrient concentrations, to draw groundwater in the area to carry nutrients into the sea salt. The results show that the geological conditions, precipitation, evaporation, river and tidal impact of groundwater into the sea. The permeability of the aquifer is the impact of the Yellow River Delta groundwater an important factor to the amount of sea transport in the entire study area, the difference is obvious. Aquifer hydraulic gradient is controlled by the terrain of the Yellow River Delta, is not very different. Precipitation and evaporation direct impact on groundwater discharge into the sea trends over time, groundwater discharge into the massive changes lag behind the changes in precipitation and evaporation. Groundwater discharge into the sea when the tide high tide level changes over time trends are similar, river water and rivers. Changes in surface water to groundwater discharge into the sea was stronger than the impact of tidal changes, the combined effects of the river and stronger than the impact of the river alone. This paper to estimate the level of water in the Yellow River Delta groundwater excretion into the sea in 7.0 * 10 4 m 3 / * A 9.5 * < / sup> 10 4 m 3 / a between. 2001 Yellow River Delta groundwater excreted into the mass of 8.717 * 10 4 m 3 , the average concentration of nutrients, the year the groundwater carry the nutrient salt NO into the sea 3 - -N for 254.810kg / a, NO 2 - N 4.725kg / a, NH 4 -N 131.816kg / a the Si for 391.629kg / a, the PO 4 (3 -) 1.996 kg / a. NO 3 - N, NO 2 - -N, NH 4 - N and the Yellow River into the sea to carry into the sea than accounted for 0.002%, 0.0005%, 0.01%, indicating that the nutrition of groundwater into the sea salt contribution to the Bohai nutrients.

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