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The Study on the Status of University Students’ Entrepreneurial Intention and Its Influencing Factors

Author YeXian
Tutor ChenChuanFeng
School Ningbo University
Course Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords The perception of the business environment in schools Personality Entrepreneurial self-efficacy Entrepreneurial attitudes Entrepreneurial intention
CLC G647.38
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Entrepreneurial psychological research is increasingly concerned about the number of individual psychological variables (such as attitude, personality, entrepreneurial self-efficacy) mechanism of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial intention or tendency common role and influence; study to expand from a single successful entrepreneurs to potential entrepreneurs (such as college students). Throughout the relevant domestic and international research, however, found that the student population is still mostly concentrated in the Venture influencing factors that affect the groups and psychological characteristics of entrepreneurs, and more from the point of view of Theory of entrepreneurial characteristics of entrepreneurs, compared with empirical research less; addition, from the perspective of the entrepreneurial intention individual psychological research, the conclusions of the study on individual psychological variables on entrepreneurial intention remains inconsistent, the impact of these variables on the entrepreneurial intention mechanism has not been fully confirmed; Furthermore, for the student population entrepreneurial intention, domestic scholars seldom deep enough. Therefore, it is necessary to further deepen the research of Chinese college students entrepreneurial intention, especially from the perspective of individual psychological perception of the students on the school entrepreneurial environment, personality traits, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, entrepreneurial attitude entrepreneurial intention of the group mechanism . The purpose of this study is to research the status and characteristics of the entrepreneurial intention of college students on the basis of individual psychological perspective focuses on the factors affecting college students 'entrepreneurial intention, including the Students' perception of the campus environment, personality traits, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, entrepreneurial attitudes and explore the relationship between variables and college students entrepreneurial intention, which construct the students start the intention of influencing factors model. The researchers first by the relevant literature to read and analyze entrepreneurship at home and abroad, combined with the entrepreneurial intention model and the actual situation of Chinese college students, the impact of college students' entrepreneurial intention assumptions and content; On this basis, the first current college students entrepreneurial intention to investigate to grasp college students overall status of the entrepreneurial intention; investigation through interviews, questionnaires, case analysis of five undergraduate colleges in Zhejiang Province about 2,258 college students, the use of independent samples T-test , analysis of variance, correlation analysis, regression analysis and structural equation model validation and analysis of the ideas. The results are as follows: 1. University students with a medium level of entrepreneurial intention; college students entrepreneurial intention the status quo Features: entrepreneurial college students and non-entrepreneurial college students in the the entrepreneurial intention Score and its two dimensions (the possibility of entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial intention behavior tendency ) there are significant differences; entrepreneurial intention of the boys and two of its dimensions are significantly higher than those of girls entrepreneurial intention; the entrepreneurial intention sophomore its two dimensions was significantly higher than other grades; entrepreneurial intention of science and engineering students and two of its dimensions are significantly higher liberal arts students; the parental occupation entrepreneurs, private owners or self-employed college students entrepreneurial intention and its two dimensions were significantly higher than the parents of the students in the administrative institutions (departments and units, education, etc.). Individual psychological variables (including college students perception of the campus environment, personality traits, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, entrepreneurial attitude) and college students entrepreneurial intention was significantly associated. Among them, the found by path model construct: entrepreneurial attitude is the most important variable affecting the entrepreneurial intention; Students' perception of the campus environment, personality entrepreneurial self-efficacy through direct and indirect effects (entrepreneurial attitudes) affect the entrepreneurial intention of university students; entrepreneurial attitudes indirect effects on entrepreneurial intention. According to the study, the researchers believe that the current Students in Zhejiang Province has a moderate level of entrepreneurial intention level, the characteristics of the entrepreneurial intention gender, profession, grade, there are significant differences in parental occupation; perception of the students on the campus environment, personality traits, entrepreneurial self-efficacy sense of entrepreneurial attitudes are important individual psychological variables that affect the entrepreneurial intention, including the impact of entrepreneurial attitudes greatest significance, the other three variables affect the entrepreneurial intention entrepreneurial attitudes. Therefore, local colleges and universities when conducting business guidance and training should focus on improving the students' entrepreneurial personality, entrepreneurial self-efficacy and entrepreneurial attitudes; Finally, the study found that college students in the lower-middle level of the level of perception of the campus environment, thus affecting the current business policy to play the role of universities, colleges and universities should strengthen the publicity and guidance of college students entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship get students on university entrepreneurship resources utilization.

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