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The Justice Principle of Modern Management and Its Realization

Author ZuoXingHua
Tutor SuPingFu
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Ethics
Keywords justice humanity assumption modern management management justice
CLC C930
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Justice calls fair again, which is the basic principle and basic behavior standards of mankind’s society that has the eternal value. The justice is a topic beyond the course. Justice is also the eternal topic of mankind’s society. The justice is the important degree of the social civilization. The infinite development process of mankind’s society from backward to prosperity and from unreasonable condition to reasonable condition is continuously to pursue the process of the justice Management is based on the supposition of the human nature. The assumption of the human nature has experienced the assumption of the social person, the self-realized person, the complicated person, the knowledge person and the network person. The management theories have experienced The development stage of the classic management theories, behavioral science management theories and the modern management theories .The classic management Focuses on things, neglecting the person’s value and the social responsibility .It mainly pursues the efficiency, emphasizing the profits supremacy. The modern management turns thing to man, emphasizing the social responsibility of the enterprise. Focusing on humanism is its essence and its core The justice is a kind of reasonable state of the correlation of the person, the organization and the society .There are a lot of theories concerning the justice in the whole ethics history. Taking time as the preface, the ethics history turn up the justice view of equalitarianism, the justice view of utilitarianism , the justice view of the contractual theory ,Rawls’justice view. In addition ,there is marxist’s justice view. In the management, in order to reach the management justice, we must guarantee the equality of the basic right , and insure the allotment justice and equal opportunity .Management justice is contributed to keeping the society stable, forming the good preface of the competition of the enterprise and promoting the development of the enterprise , which can promote the realization of the end target of the modern management. There are still many unjust phenomenon in the modern management, such as unjust the allotment,the unfairness of using the person ,the unjust rule and the unequal opportunity. The existence of these unjust phenomenon seriously hinders the development of the enterprises. There are three main reasons for the unjust phenomenon .The three reasons include the low quality of the managers, the unreasonable systems and the negative influence of the tradition culture. Management justice is the request of the modern management justice. We must take active measure to insure the realization of the management .First , we must develop the people’s consciousness of the justice. Second, the manager’s quality needs raising. Third, we should construct and perfect the systems. Finally ,the construction of the corporate culture is strengthened , especially the construction of the concept of the value. We must take active measure to insure the realization of the management .

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