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Our Country Rural Public Policy of Mass Media Spread the Present Situation and Development of Countermeasures

Author YangXinHua
Tutor RongJingChun
School Guangdong Ocean University
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords the mass media in rural areas of public policy the Rural Communication the spread of the status quo the development of countermeasures
CLC D422.0
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Mass media and rural social development research, it is our country rural communication and agricultural extension study of a marginal topic, cross over the journalism, communication, sociology, psychology, development studies, politics, management, and many other humanities social sciences domain knowledge background, for us to study the mass media and the spread of rural public policy provides comprehensive stereo perspective.Media information has become a popular political life of the public interests binder and accountability and political expression for an organic whole, constructs the integration between the state and the public, "public sphere" played opinion "male implement" role. Similarly, in rural public policy and transmission of diffusion process, mass media with its unique information advantages, is affecting millions of farmers’ political life and realistic interests, and work hard to achieve national strategic objectives and rural development vision.In recent years, China’s government to rural social development seriously. From 2004 to 2011, countries to solve the "SAN nong" questions, have issued 8 "central no.1" documents, formulate and implement a series of rural social development for the public policy. But, from the current rural development present situation and the dilemma facing the truth view, rural public policy advocacy and implementation effect is not ideal, some policy was not the vast rural audience know and use.Especially with the great changes of rural social structure, policy is the end point of villagers assembly "spread", "village panel meeting" carrier forms of traditional disappear, has become the rural public policy is one of the important reasons for the effective spreading. Therefore, based on the perspective of mass media, and explore the spread of rural public policy, through the analysis of the present situation and problems of rural mass media communication characteristics and the "last mile", strive to build information barriers rural public policy transmission operation mechanism and development way, let the countryside from mass media audience more channels of about rural development, to understand the government policy of improving the livelihoods and, promoting rural policy implementation, and constantly improve the efficiency of the rural public management and level. At present, the circle of mass media and not rural public policy spread actuality and problems done special, system discussed. The author tries to the communication in Russ bothwell.outside process model "theory" to describe China based on mass media and the spread of rural public policy interactions, hope in the spread of rural public policy mechanism, path and development countermeasures, get a comprehensive understanding. This paper firstly rural public policy and clarify the concept of mass media, and both mutual relations, the essential attribute of media, such as from social function, analysis of rural mass media double values of public policy spread. Then from communication structure and function of the theory of rural public policy, analyzing the process of mass communication "five elements". Meanwhile, according to the rural informatization construction goal, focuses on analyzing radio, television, newspaper and Internet and cell phones for rural public policy medium, the development situation and problems spread. And through the macro, meso, micro level of the policy propagation environment, further demonstrated in the mass media dissemination of rural public policy role played by. Finally, through mirror like watching the essence, from a breakthrough mass media and rural public policy mechanism of system obstacle the spread of rural public policy perspective, probes into the mass media operation mechanism and development countermeasures.This paper mainly using qualitative research methods, obtain material methods include literature study, interviews, observation etc. Material from 2000 to 2010 the about the rural information dissemination references, media survey data, xinhua internal database and public opinion monitoring analysis, and the author in jiangxi rural observation etc.

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