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Photonic crystal fiber and its application

Author FengXia
Tutor LiPing
School Shandong University
Course Optical Engineering
Keywords Photonic crystal fiber Equivalent refractive index model Dual-core photonic crystal fiber
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Photon is the electronic transmission characteristics unmatched for solving communication system \Photonic crystal biggest feature is the presence photonic bandgap photonic bandgap frequency falls within the electromagnetic wave can not propagate in the photonic crystal, which has a light resistance, can be well controlled light transmission medium. Photonic crystal fiber photonic crystal structure is made of fiber into new fiber. Photonic crystal fiber light guide mechanism is different from conventional fibers, can be divided into two kinds: one step in the fiber draw on traditional total reflection light guide mechanism to explain the principle of such an optical fiber; other photonic band-gap effect to explain, It is the presence of photonic crystal fiber photonic bandgap effect to the frequency of the light guide, and falls within the frequency band of light can not propagate in the photonic crystal fiber. Photonic crystal fiber with its special optical properties is becoming a hot research, such as: endless single characteristic flattened dispersion characteristics, with large mode area and high nonlinearity. PCF fiber-optic communication systems will enable further study produced revolutionary change. In this paper, the equivalent refractive index of this theoretical model is based on the theory of scalar approximation propagation mode photonic crystal fibers and dispersion characteristics of a numerical simulation and found that by adjusting the photonic crystal fiber cladding cladding air holes fill rate or the size of the air hole pitch and effective core diameter can be achieved over a wide wavelength range single-mode propagation. In the single mode photonic crystal fiber may have a time anomalous waveguide dispersion, which is a common step-index fiber can not be done, through adjusting the structural parameters of the photonic crystal fiber can move the position of the zero dispersion point, these characteristics indicate photonic crystals Fiber has many potential applications, and discusses a large air hole photonic crystal fiber characteristics and its application in dispersion compensation. The analysis also showed that photonic crystal fiber optical field can be very limiting in the core transmission. Because the unique composition of the cladding region, it has the flexibility to change the mode field area features. Finally, the beam propagation method for dual-core photonic crystal fiber coupling characteristics of computer simulations are given plastic dual-core photonic crystal fiber coupling length varies with wavelength, such as changes in the radius of the air holes the general rules for the production of dual-core photonic crystal with certain guiding significance.

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