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Chinese Employment Structure and Industrial Relations Research

Author DuanWenChao
Tutor BaoFang
School Hebei University
Course Demographic
Keywords Industrial Structure Employment structure Labor Employment elasticity
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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In this paper, the successful implementation of family planning policy for the background in order to appear in 2004’s "shortage of migrant workers"phenomenon as the breakthrough point, in-depth analysis of the root causes of this phenomenon, pointing out that China’s current employment structure of the industrial structure the current request,the Second contradictions exist between. In the 20th century, population 80’s baby boom generation born workers has become a major force, and now the official China’s "demographic dividend" time, Why was there the "shortage of migrant workers,"this strange phenomenon? By analyzing the structure of our departure from the three industries and employment elasticity, we know that, my current employment structure is not well adapted to industrial development, and upgrade the industrial structure also requires a large amount of high-quality workers to complete. Convergence between the two is not very good when there will be a false impression that the labor shortage.Some development economists believe that economic growth in developing countries is the economic structure changes in a part of the economic structure in the middle, the most important and most direct is the change in industrial structure. And changes in industrial structure also includes the production structure and the various factors of production changes in the structure, at a number of factors, the most important factor is the labor force. Each industry or industry requirements for workers are not all the same, and with the upgrading of industrial structure, the emergence of some new industries, for labor is also upgrading the quality of the requirements.While China’s current labor situation as follows:older, low educational level,skills easy single. This has resulted in irrational employment structure, making the labor supply and demand does not match the two sides produced a contradiction.In order to enable the better development of the China’s industrial structure,and provide more jobs to workers, it is necessary to accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading, so that to rationalize the industrial structure, improve the employment structure, exert inter-industry comparative advantage, so that the labor ratio and flow more reasonable.At last, the paper made some suggestions, hoping to ease the contradiction between "industrial" and "employment",in order to promote better and faster development of China’s economic.

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