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On the Juvenile Sub-Culture Under the Environment of New Media and Its Value Significance

Author QiaoLiHua
Tutor LiuHuaiGuang
School Henan Normal
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords New Media Youth subcultures Cultural values Social value
CLC C913.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Computers, mobile phones, Internet marks the emergence of new media era, social development from traditional society to the information society, social change is bound to affect changes in the social consciousness, the ideology of the people gradually changed with the advent of the information society . Culture as a form of ideology reality in the social development process of continuous development. In modern society, the new media environment, culture with new patterns of development. For groups of young people, as the definition of new media users, they first accept and use the new media. In the use of new media, youth groups use new media to express their attitude to life, adhere to their way of life, gradually and new media into one to form a new cultural forms, namely youth subculture in the new media environment. Youth subcultures in the new media environment in the context of modern society, groups of young people in a mainstream culture deviate from the difference between the values ??of survival, this way of life is achieved through the new media of expression, manifestations: online games, online literature, online music, online spoof and network events. Youth subculture in the new media environment is different from the traditional cultural expression in cultural expression, from the dominant form of respect, youth subculture channels of expression in the new media environment has diverse characteristics; fashion expression of the star color; expression language with popular features. In fact, the youth sub-culture in the new media environment recessive expression of the rich connotation: the values ??subvert the traditional post-modern characteristics; view of society is that groups of young people to compete for the right to speak; individual pursuit with multimedia features; entertainment spiritual pursuit Carnival . Youth subculture in the new media environment as forms of culture, youth groups, social and cultural development has a unique cultural and social values. Their cultural values ??reflected in its mainstream culture is the presence of a dialectical conflict with each other, but also has close ties. In addition, the youth sub-culture in the new media environment also has a new cultural values, youth subcultures in the new media environment has not only brought new ways of cultural transmission, cultural transmission direction from the \expression of cultural freedom and equality rights; individual culture \The social value of youth subculture in the new media environment in three aspects: First of all, young people, youth sub-culture in the new media environment is their way of life relying on, which is created by the young people, relying on youth heritage, youth groups unique attitude towards life; Second, from the point of view of intergenerational conflict, youth subcultures in the new media environment, not only from the level of awareness of imagination to solve intergenerational conflicts from the virtual space, and gradually begun to affect the reality of social life; Finally, from the social interaction the way the perspective of the development of youth subcultures in the new media environment is a new way of life, it tends to use the new media exchange, a wider range of exchanges between individuals, equality, respect for the right to self-expression. This rich social life interaction, breaking the traditional mode of social interaction, indicates that the development of new social interaction patterns.

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