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Study on Modern Metal Commemorative Coins and Medals

Author ZhengKeXin
Tutor WangPeiBo
School Tsinghua University
Course Art of Design
Keywords Commemorative Coins Medals Decorative Arts Credit monetary system
CLC J509.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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The subject, including two closely related concepts - commemorative coins and medals, metal commemorative coins Art rise from currency casting industry, in the Renaissance, medals artistic modeled precious metal coin shapes began to rise, commemorative coins, currency, The medals the three are relatively strict accordance with the style of the traditional coin design. The 19th century, the Frenchman Hubert Ponscarme design a boundless medals, has opened up a new period, and after Jules-Clément Chaplain and Louis Oscar Roty and Dropsy family of three generations of the medals artists of efforts to make the the medal arts in Europe reach a peak, this peak is not merely a new stage after the medals artistic level of the Renaissance, a coin was designed as a model style more medals designers get official French salons admitted. Commemorative coins prior to the implementation of the credit monetary system only occasionally issue, and more to commemorate the nobility, and often enough value metal currency equivalent circulation. With the changes in the international financial and monetary system, the precious metal commemorative coins become special currency credit monetary system, manifested as the separation between the face value and the issue price. Commemorative coins in the maturation process of the banking system, a special currency with a fixed release cycle and channels. Because the the rare coinage conservative industry material and precious metal coins property, the design of the commemorative coins has become a secondary factor. The modernization of China's currency since the end of the Qing, Westernization Movement to lay the technical foundation for our modern currency design. Modern sense metal commemorative coins issued in China since the reform and opening up the international market openness modern Chinese commemorative coins career development space, a different aesthetic standards and habits in different historical and cultural environment, the traditional power foreign force impact is offset by the turmoil in the late Qing Dynasty change the economy of China's currency, the initial cause of the state, but also to change the traditional aesthetic habits and design ideas. Coupled with the the coinage industry's conservative, resulting in negative effects. Due to the core values ??of the medals in that design, plus many sculptors joined the freedom medal cause it is very easy to integrate into a variety of artistic styles, showing the face of a variety of commemorative coins have good technical conditions of production, technology aspects can be integrated into a more scientific and technological content, suggesting a possible commemorative coin design development.

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