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The Research on Interaction Feature Recognition in Semantic Feature Modeling Systems

Author ZhangHongWu
Tutor SunLiZuo
School Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Semantic Feature Modeling Feature semantics Feature interaction Intersection features identifiable
CLC TP391.72
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Feature-based modeling technology-oriented manufacturing process, CAD is an important milestone in the development of truly integrated CAD / CAPP / CAM it possible to lay the theoretical and technical basis, in order to solve the product from design to manufacture a range of issues . Semantic feature modeling is a modeling method can declare, it will not only be able to provide a detailed description of the semantics of the well-defined characteristics, at the same time maintain the entire semantics of the modeling process. In fact, the semantic feature modeling system is a basic idea in a feature model organic shape information and functional information linked together constitute the feature semantics. Bidarra, R. et al studied the detailed description of the characteristics of semantics that is characteristic class and that the ultimate goal of semantic feature modeling system is to maintain the effectiveness of the feature model. Detailed description of the feature-semantics is composed of three parts: a parameterized shape: (1) characterized by the characteristic shape of the elements, parameters and properties; effectiveness conditions: (2) Characteristics of a variety of constraints, i.e., the algebraic constraints, size constraints, semantic constraints, interaction constraints; (3) the user interface of the input data: geometric constraint, dependent constraints, they used to determine the direction and position of the features. Effectiveness of standard embedded feature class makes the feature with adjustable shape of inheritance and shape combination mechanism, the composite characteristics and to correctly generate custom features, thereby improving the efficiency of the system design and enhanced feature-based modeling capability. The feature model validity maintenance is carried out on each molding operation in order to ensure that all the features of the model must comply with the characteristics described in the characteristic class semantic monitoring process. The effectiveness of the maintenance of the two basic principles: (1) a valid the modeling operation should produce a feature model to satisfy all constraints, so that each feature to ensure the model reflects the design of the designers of the moment intent; (2) When an invalid shape after the operation, the user should receive help to resolve constraint conflicts. Maintain the effectiveness of the feature model that the effectiveness of the feature semantics by the effectiveness of the use of constraints, these constraints are a characteristic part of the definition, create a feature and then the modeling stage, check whether these constraints to meet that constraint between to illustrate the characteristics of the effectiveness of the conflict, and many of the effectiveness of conflict that constraint violations are by the characteristic interaction caused. Semantic feature modeling system, the feature interaction plays a very important role in both the description of the feature class or feature model validity maintenance are inseparable feature interaction. In view of the above analysis, this topic through the analysis of the model of the new generation of semantic features the reference Bidarra research, the use of the effectiveness of the standard, established the intersecting feature Identifiable semantic feature modeling solutions, by means of constraint, the establishment of intersecting feature identifiable mechanism theory, maintenance characteristics

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