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Study on Cultivation of Speaking Skills of Pre-school Education Teachers

Author DengMeng
Tutor HuangNianRan
School Central China Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords the major of Preschool Education teachers’ speaking skills training strategy
CLC G652.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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National Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Project Summary points out:(We must)strictly carry out the kindergarten teachers’qualification standard, practically strengthen the training of kindergarten teachers so as to enhance the overall qualifications of the kindergarten teachers. Outline of Kindergarten Education and Guidance treats the development of the preschool children’s language as a single, specialized field. In Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence, the intelligence of language is listed first. As the period of 3-6 years old is the key period for the children to learn the language, in order to develop the language intelligence of the pre-school children, the kindergarten teachers should create suitable conditions for them, and set a good example for the children to learn the language. Furthermore, as the teachers of the children who only know very few words, kindergarten teachers can not use written language and written tools to communicate with the children, what they can only do is to achieve success with their good speaking skills. Because of the special education object, higher requirements in the speaking skills have been put forward for the kindergarten teachers.The speaking skills of the teachers refers to the teachers’ability of using spoken language in the education process. It mainly includes three aspects:the Mandarin, the general skills in oral communication and the professional speaking skills. After going through the three-year study in the school, the students of pre-school education should be able to carry out the teaching job by using interesting, original, and standard language which can stir the children’s imagination. The language ability of such kind is mainly acquired by learning the subject of Teachers’Spoken Language.At present, the conditions of the speaking skills of kindergarten teachers is far from satisfying and the main cause leading to this phenomenon is that the kindergarten teachers’speaking skills are not taken seriously and the training of such kind are not carried out systematically and effectively.The article will expatiate the contents, the requirements, characteristics and significance of the speaking skills of pre-school education teachers, it tries to explore the strategies of enhancing the speaking skills of the pre-school education teachers by analyzing the teaching process of the teachers(including curriculum, reform of teaching strategy),the learning and practicing process of the students(including after-school training, activity organization, internship experience),the valuation and assessment of the teacher’s speaking skills, the ways to enhance the teachers’qualifications. It is hoped that the major of pre-school education should pay more attention to the teachers’ speaking skills and the strategy of developing such skills should be further explored, by doing these, the overall quality of kindergarten teachers can be enhanced and the specialty construction of kindergarten teachers can be promoted.

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