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The Feature and Stability Analysis of Niutouzui Landslide Group

Author GeMinRong
Tutor LiuHongFu
School Taiyuan University of Technology
Course Earth Exploration and Information Technology
Keywords niutouzui landslide group feature analysis mining subsidence stability radon measurement
CLC P642.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Landslide is one of frequently geological calamities, which hazard is very serious. It not only terribly endangers human beings’ lives, possessions, but also destroys eco-environment and resources. Niutouzui landside group threatens the lives and belongings of people in Niutouzui village at all times. So it is necessary to clarify the status and to evaluate the stability of Niutouzui landslide group at present.After field survey, this thesis puts forward that Niutouzui landslide group composed of four landslide slopes is a special combined landslide type where the rear mining landslide jostling the frond old landslide group. Through analyzing the deformation and evolvement of Niutouzui landslide group, the thesis suggests that the new Huaxia series tectonic movement formed the Duerping normal fault. Ascribe to the particular landform and geology conditions, the upfaulted block of this fault developed into Niutouzui old landslide group. The balanced stress conditions of the top rock of Niutouzui old landslide group were disturbed under the influence of the later underground mining; in addition, the jostling effect of the rear mining landslide cannot be neglected. All thesefactors aroused new distortion and breach in the old landslide group.Analyzing the influence which the mining subsidence bring about on Niutouzui landslide group, the thesis illustrates the slope deformation mechanism formed by underground mining arousing the mined-out zone as follows.The underground mining aroused the mined-out zone, giving birth to the absciss layer of the top rock of the mined-out zone, and then arousing the horizontal and vertical distortion of the rock, and bringing the feebly structural surface in the top rock into the slippage surface. When the top rock overcomes the anti-slippery force, the slope will develop creeping and be deformed.At last, the thesis makes use of the methods of deformation path and geomorphic history to analyse the stability of Niutouzui landslide group and to monitor the landslide group by the means of radon measurement. The thesis suggests the whole landslide is being on the steady state at present; the front part is developing the creep deformation while the rear is in the period of relative stability state.Researches on Niutouzui landslide group in this thesis provide some basic data for the prevention and cure of Niutouzui landslide group at this time. However further engineering exploring on Niutouzui landslide group are still needed to be done in order to find out the feature of structural dynamics about the slippage zoneand to work out the qualitative evaluation of stability, and to provide further scientific decision for the prevention and cure at last.

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