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The Study on the Competence of Rural Junior High School Head Teacher in Nansha District

Author LiXiaoZuo
Tutor YingXiang
School Guangzhou University
Course Education
Keywords Competence Junior High School Head Teacher Communication Achievements Observation Study
CLC G635.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The secondary school teachers’competence evaluation is mainly used to monitor head teachers’pre-post education process and to evaluate the trainings which are carried on in the purpose of enhancing head teachers’competence. The questionnaires are made by HanManRu in 2004. The competence items are as follows:knowledge structure, instruction ability, cultivate ability, psychology tutoring ability, self supervise ability, achievement motive, education concept, professional ethics, class management skill, emotion, interpersonal association, job quality consciousness. Schools may employ head teachers according to this questionnaire or assess the trainings which are carried on in the purpose of enhancing head teachers’ competence. Head teachers may also establish their own career objectives according to the evaluation results, and make great strides forward to head teachers of high achievements, thus raise the class management level.Therefore, documentary data method, questionnaire method and so on are adopted in this research. This research is based on the questionnaires of testing the competence of secondary school head teachers, and selects two common schools as well as two key schools in exploring the competence of head teachers from Nansha District, Guangzhou.Present paper’s research is divided into four parts:Studies One:Self-assessment unifies with other people’s appraisals. The research takes evaluation questionnaires of the competences of secondary school head teachers as a tool, collects the data, and analyzes overall competency of secondary school head teachers in this district. The comparison is made according to the data from Taiyuan Secondary School which is an urban middle school.Studies Two:The research carries on the comparison between key schools and common schools, and discusses the differences between two kinds of schools in order to improve head teachers’ competences from those concrete characteristics.Studies Three:The research carries on the comparison among head teachers from different grades.Studies Four:The research carries on the comparison among head teachers with different work experiences. Finally, after analyzing the competence characteristics of head teachers in this district, we find out those characteristics which head teachers with high or low achievement separately have, and put forward feasible proposals.Theoretical significance:(1) It is helpful to describe the developing process of head teachers and the characteristics of head teachers with high achievement. (2) It is helpful to enrich the researches of teachers’ fields. (3) It is also helpful to further deepen the related research on related rural junior middle school teachers’ competences.Practical significance:(1) It is helpful to promote the construction and self-development of head teachers from similar schools. (2) The differences between teachers’ self-appraisal and students’ assessment help to further promote teachers’ competences. (3) In the educational fields, resting on the need of a local educational development to study educators’ characteristics has certain practical significance.(4) It is helpful to inspire head teachers’ career development independency. (5) It is helpful to junior middle school students’ physical and moral integrity growth.Finally the findings indicated:(1) Among the Nansha District head teachers’ competence characteristics, self supervise ability and professional ethics are the highest. As for student assessment, head teachers’ cultivate ability and psychology tutoring ability are the lowest, while in teachers’ self-appraisal, job quality consciousness and cultivate ability are the lowest. The research has similar trend with that of Taiyuan Secondary School.(2) In each characteristic, there are obvious differences between key schools and common schools. Twelve competence characteristics of key schools are higher than those of common schools.(3) The competence characteristics present remarkable differences not in the same year, but present progressive declining trend in Grade Seven, Eight and Nine.(4) There are no obvious differences in the competence characteristics along with work experience’s length.

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