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The Analysis of Interpersonal Meaning of Personal Pronouns System in English Texts

Author WuJinHui
Tutor ZouHaiZuo
School Northeast Forestry University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Systemic Functional Linguistics Interpersonal meaning Personal Pronouns
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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The thesis Halliday three interpersonal function the Metafunction one theoretical framework to analyze the interpersonal meaning of personal pronouns in English Discourse hosted. Halliday that the function of language is not only reflected in the different uses, first reflected in the language system, especially the internal structure of the semantic system, and the language features high-level overview three \\Interpersonal function (interpersonal function), refers to the language of participation speaker to participate in a situational context, to instill their own ideas to the hearer, to express their attitude and inference, and trying to influence others the relationship between concept and behavior, and to express the social relationship between the speaker and hearer and scenarios, that is the speaker and the hearer's role in the process of communication, such as the questioner and answerer, inform with the relationship between the skeptics, the provider and the recipient, the elderly and the young, men and women, superiors and subordinates, as well as the speaker's communicative purpose. Third, the discourse function \Halliday believes the the three Trinity, there is no major and minor problems. According to Halliday and other people's point of view, the interpersonal function refers to the speaker to use language to participate in social activities function, it comes from the functional grammar of the language element functions divided, linguists have been exploring issues. People use language meters and other contacts, to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships, with language to influence the behavior of others, and even change the world at the same time using the language to express views on the world. Contains two basic elements in accordance with the view of the systemic functional linguistics, interpersonal function, a speech on the attitude of the hearer, a speech heard the contents of the conviction, Halliday and later linguists believe carrying interpersonal meaning the primary means of tone systems, and modal systems and intonation. The study was limited to the personal pronouns in the convergence theory that personal pronouns research Coherence topics Halliday \u0026 Hasan (1976) on the role of personal pronouns connection studies have focused on the context connection. But we say that people actually sociolinguistic study of the personal pronouns research personal pronouns function. Li battle child once said: \It can be said that the hosts interpersonal meaning of personal pronouns research also involved very little. Person as a grammatical category in traditional grammar, the number and nature of the participants in a context usually indicates the person the difference between a verb or related person pronouns, it is always concern for linguists. It is a fixed part of the traditional syntax. Any one syntax monograph discusses the personal pronoun form and syntax are inevitable. The Muhlhausler Harre (1990:47) study called personal pronouns grammar (grammaticalapproach). Our grammarians Michizane \Halliday \u0026 Hasan (1976) in English convergence \At the same time proposed a the person semantic distinction, called the system of meaning. According to the division of Korea and Hassan, Zhao should be divided into Personal Reference (pcrsonal referenee) indicates the Anaphora (demonstrative reference) and compare care of (comparative referenee). Personal pronouns (eg

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