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Financial Reform and Enlightenments in Post-war American Compulsory Education

Author ZuoFuTian
Tutor LiuXinKe
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course History of Education
Keywords America compulsory educational finance educational expenditure enlightenments
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Compulsory education is the sign of the human civilization and the development of the latter day education. From the 1900s, the USA began to makes widely available 12 years compulsory education gradually. During this period, to support the compulsory education all government of different level put in large amount of money, actively exploited reasonable financial allocation by which remarkable compulsory education financial system was formed and the sustainable development of compulsive education was well kept. Especially after the 2nd World War, with the change of the environment of politics, economy and the pop-up of the importance of the elemental education, the attention on education is unprecedented. Serials of laws were enacted and education reform was conducted deeply and thoroughly in the USA. From 1945 to the end of 1970s is the key time of compulsory education financial system reform. The allowance method, object and distribution for government were decided principled by such laws as "National Deference Education Act", "Elementary and Secondary Education Act", though which the model of post-war American compulsory education financial system formed. In 1980s and 1990s, with the attention on the educational quality and the appearance of national goal of education, the role every level of government play was changed continuously. The goal of educational finance changed from equalization to educational quality and educational sufficiency though which the reform of American compulsory education financial system was deeply conducted. Recently, problem in the compulsory education financial system was pop up, which influence the proportional development of compulsory education. It is the reference for the reform of Chinese compulsory education financial system by studying the post war American compulsory education financial reform and drawing lessons from this.The thesis can be divided into 4 chapters:The first chapter is the generality. Firstly, some terms referred in the thesis were defined and explained in this chapter. Compulsory education, education finance and Compulsory educational finance are the key terms in this essay, which are the related

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